-entered- bass is up, saw all the old homies. :some JuNgLiSt even old skool need to learn to be there for the music not the image. It about the Bass Rush, Adreneline, and going for what you came for.

-made my own shirt outta a camo. cloth almost tarp like and had a shoulder covering which I tagged on the inside and gave away to my oldskool/newskool, the only way skool friend. I tagged it not knowing whose hands it would end up hopefully enlightening, but the tables turned.

-my friend hooked me up with a pooca bead anklet to help me on my journey as I took a tripp into a world that now,at this moment of writing, makes sense.

-tommorrow I don't think life will make as much sense as it does at this moment the next day, but somewhere between the bass and the cap and stem in that bag I had, I got very fucked.

-the camo. I gave to him in return he said he'd prolly make a patch with, radd when the words are so simple. "ViBe tha BaSS" "UnderGround" "XoXo JuNgLiSt" and of course the graff-name, which as you taggers know, won't be given out ;).

-The feelings are described as this: a crying sensation from the world, liquid. you can sometimes acheive finding a liquid in solid air, not sure where it come from but it makes since. To be honest, when trippin I wasn't sure how you could have a badd tripp on em', never have, can't say I never will, but thinking about not havin a badd tripp on a goodtripp is kinda awkward.

-The colors are metalic,prominent and yet they are so beautiful, even the L.A. street started to turn lavender from the flowers and the pattern of the stems took up the shape of the road in designs and patterns of so much the same with nothing in common. Just enough to get you to feel it and then run inside to what they tell me was a hamburger joint not to far from the party. Ate some fries and tripped out on this chili, not exactly something you would put in your mouth... and we were off. back to the violet flowers by the car! or were they purple?

-I pissed off a JuNgLiSt at the party, a friends friend really, kinda makes me upset (this was before the tripp had begun) I didn't get into the tripp until Goldies set. The Junglist had worked all day and was now at the party complaining about work and the people, and just how she couldn't believe... well believe and go feel the bassrush, please don't sit outside and bitch. Take some shrooms! and off i went. The bass was calling me, outside just doesn't fit my personal JuNgLiSt sTyLe. PrIdE.

-I find it all kinda amusing, I suppose I could sit here and give you her name and number and maybe you could talk to her for me ** jk. But concidering in tha past we bashed on candy ravers, and claim Junglist. I'm thinking about giving up the Junglist name and calling it Underground. Just the way it is. But I know it doesn't really matter what you claim, it's not like she's even reading this article, I gave her the mag. and she threw it on the ground... Thanks for supporting the scene. UnderGroUnd.

-My room is pretty IntensE. Coming home to my room makes me think twice about where the hell I went and why I'm here. I came home by myself after traveling with lots of great homies. But sitting in my bed, still fryin balls, wondering why I think life is tradjec, while Bob Marley and Sublime make my life seem so much better. My cat caught on to the fact that I was trippin and decided to tripp to in the bad canopy and flip out on the vibes. It's all so tribal.

BassRush BaBy!!! oooooo baby. bass this.

Intense, feel the bass,
just some space case,
unexplored, a little more,
just the four, no more whoring bores,

Again, repeat this,
striaght miss, unkissed.
Goldie, with the one,
not just someone, begun.
feel alive, so we strive,
the crew, the new,
rushing in, not outside,
lushing this, too much pride,
take some mush, not too much,
love the vibe, all we mind.

open eyes, lost in times,
see whats real, no big deal,
all makes sense, oh so tribal,
not just here, but always reliable.

depend on me, the water, the sea,
whats living, whats breathing,
just letting be,
lavender circles,
around forsure, my only cure.
got some pimp, so no more limp,
bizkit miss, just your crisp.

got the vibe, one more time,
step to the beat, fuck to the beat,
dance to the beat, live to the beat,"living legends"
feat, just meet, pass, mass,
narley, someone say marley?
dreads are said, so you make bed,.....

blonde bitch junglist, says hello to your MIZtreZZmissed.
rhyme, nah just stuck in mine.
take it back, so you lack on decline.
down, damn, understand,
respect to demand, no commands, just bland.
random, the night, bass to baby,
maybe, sensual, mutual, nonagreeable,
unforseeable, metalic spaceable,

feel it again, seeing the Q.ue,. once again, you knew,
the same blue, walking shoes, underfew,
as usual, again party, force this i n hiphop,
tripphop, misshop, this hop,
feel it real, peal, they steal,
my thoughts, mind power, shower,
today, and its done in out way tommorow.
no more sorrow.

live to love.
JuNgLSt. XoXo.UnderGround,