Ever since Monster Massive raving has suddenly once again become the SHIT!! Happy Go Lucky by ROAM proved just that.

After a good days work the sun finally falls, and a night of raving begins. The crew meets up at RD Studios and off we go to LA. After about an hour and a half of high speed driving we arrive at the venue, Club Orion. The line was a bit lengthy but HGL would prove to be worth the wait. As usual my body got the best of me, and I almost ran off before the photographer and his camera got in, but of course Ted grabed me by the shoulders before I got away. Damn it! So AFTER, the photographer gets in, I’m off!

The main room was filled trance when I first walked in, so I didn’t get too excited. The DJ seemed to please the crowd, but Trance is not something that got my body moving. I went upstairs to see if the Jungle room was up there like the last time I was at this venue, but it wasn’t, it was Happy Hardcore. Bleh!!! So after I run down the stairs to escape the happiness, I run into the photographer who informs me that the jungle room was downstairs in the basement! (which was not open last time) Into the darkness I went as that oh so familiar jungle snare slowly grew louder and louder. The Jungle room was evil. No lights, no lasers, just a dj and a sound system, the ultimate Jungle setup. On the decks were mostly local Dj’s until around 1 or 2 when Jo-S spun. After calming myself with a little herbal refreshment, I ran into some friends of mine and was informed that “someone” had “L.”

“Oh no! Are you serious????? “ I said with an evil grin on my face.

“Oh yes, but should we do it???”

“I’m Down!”

So I down a couple pieces of green construction paper, and back up to the main room I went. When I reached the top of the stairs, I heard one of my favorite noises ever: the House Kicker! Finally, the main room turned from Trance to House, and non other than Reza from Go, was on the decks. Usually I am not that into Reza’s sets, but that night he was really on! I positioned myself in an open area on the dance floor for easier maneuvering. The past few parties I have either been way too tired to dance, or not “moved” enough to dance, so I was ready to get my groove on. To get the crowd going, Reza spun the house remix of “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson. Even though I had heard that track a million times before, and would probably hear it played just the same at this party, I still really liked it. Slowly the “sid” began to kick in, and now my dance moves were getting better. I started to feel a connection to the music that I don’t normally get. My body started to move all on its own. Things couldn’t have gotten any better at that point, until Charles Feelgood stepped up!!

I had really only seen this guy a few times before, but when that first track came in I knew I was in for a treat. I relocated, closer to the front of course, so I could hear the music better. After the first couple of tracks I noticed that pretty much everyone in the main room was getting off on Feelgood. Every fucking record was getting better and better. My body felt clean, and everything was precision. I literally felt like I was a puppet to the music being moved by its power. At this point I couldn’t stop dancing. A few people around me caught on to my vibe and we all danced like mad!

I truely enjoy dancing with people to house for several reasons. For one, it is just really fun to dance to, but also its easy to pick up on peoples styles and fully battle with them and shit. I don’t know maybe I am weird, but that was really fun!

Anyway, Feelgood closed up his set after playing for almost an hour beyond what he was schedualed. I think that Donald was late or something. None the less, the crowd caught on when he walked on stage, and all I could hear was, “Don-ald!! Don-ald!!” The set started in typical Donald style, a really techy-hard kinda house to get the crowd jumpin! After about 45 minutes of dancing to Donald, I started to feel fatigued, so I went to grab some OJ. I walked out to the side alley where everyone was smoking, and had a cigarette. It was 4:18am according to the raver next to me, and I realized I had been dancing for nearly three and a half hours straight, plus it was almost 4:20! After a “sesh” with some people next to me, the guy with “L” walks by me and offers a few more, so I gladly accepted. I went back into the main room to find Ted, cuz I had an extra hit of sid for his head. We continued to listen to Donald’s set, and my friends were all hot on this one gurl. She liked the way I danced better anyway.....

Glaude’s set was over, and Thee-o started spinning. We had little trouble finding the guy the photographer had loaned his camera to, but we found him after a while. At that point I was really tired, but my heart was still pounding and I wanted more. The party turned out to be really cool. Something I needed very badly. Big up to ROAM for a tight party!!