What the fuck? I’ve been to a hundred So Cal parties, but have NEVER gone to wherever the hell this was. According to the instructions I got at the map-point, the Jungle was at “Studio 369”, but “Studio 369” was just a commercial building with “369” tagged on the side. After making my car ghetto resistant I ran into Marcus, Brenden, and Matt, who managed to show up at the exact same time. Here is the party review for the C4C show: The usual LA Jungle clique was at a different Jungle party, so they missed an underground virgin venue that hosted three distinct rooms of music including: a Red-Breaks room that was funky but didn’t pack burly Breaks, a Blue-Chill room that became gradually more chill until no one was awake, and a Green-Jungle room that went off when C4C manned the bunker. And, I have to tell you, it went down! I mean… it went DOWN!

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Cause 4 Concern