9:58 p.m. We pulled into one of the many parking lots that crowd the corners of 7th and 8th and exited the car, filling the night with our cheerful chatter. Our conversation was cut short, however, when we noticed that the open gate we had just driven through was now closed. It took a moment for us to realize that we had parked in a lot that just so happened to belong to some ghetto ass apartment building, and that the gate must automatically lock at 10 PM (don't ask me why there where big "Public Parking: $4.00" signs placed in front of the lot if it was strictly residential). So, we were now trapped within a square of impenetrable 10-foot high rod iron fences topped with two different kinds of barbed wire.... What The FUCK?!

We were only 100 feet away from the Orion and we were stuck in this metal cage! In her frustration, PHJ's sister, Christi, started banging on the gate and making all kinds of ruckus. As our odd luck would have it, we woke up some crazy guy who lived on the 2nd floor of the very building that the lot belonged to. After yelling up to him what happened to us and then apologizing for waking him up, as he put it, "in the middle of the day", he was kind enough to come down and open the gate. What a way to start an evening...

10:33p.m. We relocated to a real public parking spot, and made our way over to the Orion. Once I caught sight of the long line that wrapped around the building, I couldn't help but feel as though I was at the Fox. I left my friends in search of the Guest List, which I found in the hands of a guy who was running around trying to please multiple groups of people all at one time. Frankly, I felt bad for the guy, so I chilled it with Mark while we waited to be attended to. Eventually, the frantic Guest List Guy slipped us two tickets and was off to assist someone else, practically before I could even say "thanks". So, I gave my gratitude to Mark instead, and after handing my body to security to be searched and prodded, I stepped inside, where PHJ and Jordan were waiting for me.

11:07p.m. I really don't have much to say about the party at all, other than the fact that its one of the worst raves I've attended this year. Maybe I just had a fucked up evening to begin with, but, k'mon! That place was the most packed I've ever seen it! I mean, it was so packed that I witnessed something I'd heard people complain about, but never personally seen. There was, literally, moisture dripping down the walls of the venue from all the breathing and sweating that was going on in there. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy to see so many Junglists come and show their support, but it was a mission and a half to walk around from one point to another, nonetheless use the bathroom, or even dance, for that matter. Yes, the music was awesome, but the sound system wasn't that great (the walls were barely shaking). I've heard the Orion get much, much louder than that (no bass ridden walls this time). We spent most of the couple hours we were there trying to find our ride, Aaron. We ran into all kinds of old friends, and they all said the same thing, "Oh, hi! We just saw Aaron, he was looking for you guys. What? Uhhh, he went that way..." Needless to say, it was very frustrating. Along the way, I tried to make the best of things and dance, but PHJ was so perturbed that he wasted $25 on the party that it was hard for him to do so as well. Shit, all it cost me was my Chapstick (yes, it was taken by security at the door) and .5 (luckily, not security's fault, but gravity's), and I was upset. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I had actually spent money to get in (once again, thank you Guest List Guy!).

2:30a.m. Yea! At last, we found Aaron. Now we could get the fuck out of this nasty mess. Never have I been so grateful for fresh air! My lungs hurt from all the second hand ciggy smoke I'd been forced to inhale while inside. We turned onto multiple one- way streets in search of green freeway signs (we could get to the Orion with our eyes closed, but I don't think we've ever come back home the same way twice). "The
10 should take us to the 5 north from here, right?"

"I don't know, Aaron, you are the master at driving in LA...."

"I think it does."

3:03a.m. "Oops, I guess the 10 doesn't connect to the 5 at this point, so we'll take a slight detour and take this to the 210."

4:00a.m. We finally made it home! See, our karma was so fuct that Aaron, who harldy ever gets lost or confused when it comes to driving in LA and the areas surrounding it, took a "slight detour" to get us home. We all decided over our "thank god we're home in one piece" session that we're pretty much done with the mainstream scene. I don't ever want to deal with the madness of and overly packed, expensive, crawling with security venue ever again. I'm not trying to but any one down, but that was not exactly my idea of fun.