Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 - the ultimate party ... almost

OK, so I admit that this article is a little bit late, since EDC 2010 took place in June of 2010, and today is April 7, 2011.

But it was time for a much needed break from working on Ravers Digest.

The main reason that that partying had to stop was because Christy got pregnant immediatly after Love Festival 2010. Probably about 45 minutes after.


So, no more parties for her, and as such it seemed like no more parties for me either. BUT we have managed to work things. If I am good during the week -- work hard and do all my chores -- I do get to go out every once in a while.

Actually, I have been having more fun lately than I can remember having in a really long time. This weekend I am going to the Hard Rock Hotel to see Judge Jules, and I am pretty excited.

Totally the opposite of how I felt before EDC 2010, when it was really more like a huge burden to do the full rave scene thing. Taking pics, writing articles, and handing out magazines for the 10 year Anniversary started to become too much like work and not enough like ... partying.

As for EDC 2010 itself, you may remember that it was a pretty well publicized event.

Not really portrayed in the media as the way it was promoted, but hey, what can you expect from the mainstream media. What do they know about partying?

The party was blamed for instantly demolishing the rave scene by being too crazy, too dangerous, too wild, too unorganized, and too out of control. Frankly, it was all of those things, but it was statistically no more dangerous than a high school football game - where 15 year old kids die on a regular basis. It is true, look it up !!

So, the rave scene had to take a few step back and shrink back to a more manageable size. For the rest of the year, the parties were smaller but not necessarily worse. I think they were a little bit better, since the crowd was more mature and the events were not as crowded. Also, attendees did not have to worry about accidentally seeing a naked 16 year old.

If you want to hear about EDC as it happened, check out PODCAST, which was recorded live and direct from the venue.


See you in a few weeks, and if you want to write for RAVERS DIGEST, send an email to raversdigest@gmail.com

You will be paid for content that we use, and yes - you will get into some parties for free.

These pictures are by Sam #8 - Original Ravers Digest Photographer and Hardcore Pary Machine.