the anticipation for eventvibe's halfway to Halloween party was verging on the ridiculous side. Monday night, i thought about going to the club, Tuesday night, i thought about going to the club, Wednesday night - two days left, but still i thought about going to the club!

not only did we have tickets and costumes ready, as well as at least 5 really cool girls (8 girls total), but we also had a hotel room, which makes clubbing much more awesome. it was a long time ago when i could party until 5 a.m. and still drive an hour or two to get home, so the hotel thing is really key for the seasoned party person. and when i say party person, i mean party person and not party professional. in an unusual move to make ravers digest more fun, we have conscientiously decided to put less effort into it.

for the event at the hard rock, i did not even bring my camera, which was kind of a mistake in hindsight, since travis' pictures were not all that great. except for the ones that i took, of course.


actually, i really missed my canon a590, since there were a ridonculous number of super sexy girls running around in skimpy costumes, and this is ultimately what was so awesome about the event. it was April 1, and yet it was fuckin' Halloween !!! almost everybody dressed up, at least 90% of all guests were in costume! this was the one thing that i remember from the party, a really fun crowd. i guess that people who dress up for a 6 months to Halloween party are pretty cool, but i also think that when you dress up any group, they become more fun automatically.

i knew that this was going to be super fun from before we even forked over our tickets, since the all people in line were super friendly. i would say in spite of the heavy rain, but the rain made everybody huddle together more than usual in order to stay dry under the umbrellas, so i will say that we were extra friendly in part because of the rain. i remember talking to a hot police girl in front of me, and she said that my afro was keeping here dry. quite the opposite of the intended effect, but at least it was useful !!! i swear, i tried to find that chic for the rest of the night, i looked everywhere, but alas, nada.

the music was good, i guess, but it really didn't matter, and fyi i was not drunk at all. i had a few drinks, but seriously, i was not drunk, just a little buzzed.

i do remember seeing judge jules for a minute, but that was not a highlight.

i guess the ultimate highlight for me would really have to be grinding it out in the small club downstairs. i haven't done that since 2000 !!!

suddenly, the party was over and the girls were off to some random guys hotel room at the hard rock.

and here is the part of the article that is too hard for me to write, so i am just going to jot down a few words and hope that you catch my drift.

no matter how many words i write, no matter how many stories i tell, no matter the nature or the content of the article, i have never once come close to expressing how much fun i have had on those especially crazy nights. for all of the details that have been meticulously woven into perfect quilts, for all of the effort put into crafting the perfect paragraph, never once has the true pleasure of raving been captured.

if you never had a perfect night of your own, try again this weekend.

eventually, you will get it right !!!