Ravers Digest Closing Party for Mark /
Mark's Last Party

I could never have asked for a better last party!

We arrived at exactly the right time, probably just a few minutes into the headliner's set. Everything was perfect at Voyeur, and Etienne de Crecy is nothing less than an audio ganster. If you have not heard him before, you must do so now.

Click here to download the video and listen to the music from this party.

He plays and produces: some of the most interesting and brutal tunes around the scene at the moment.

His crate is: full of sounds that are hard and bangin while being catchy and fun.

He gets: my highest possible rating as both a DJ and a producer … Musical Genius. Maybe even Musical Fucking Genius.

The second we walked in, things were perfect. Natalia and I had tickets but Travis and Carolina managed to get inside and to the bar instantly, which was cool because that initial “where are my friends” part of the mission is usually annoying. Skipping that let us just get right into the groove and the word “instavibe” popped into my head.

While the sound system at Voyeur is great, the main attraction is the LED wall that has been upgraded repeatedly over the years. At first it could display solid colors and basic patterns, but now... now it can pretty much do anything you can imagine. It can display mesmerizing patterns and chill animations. I have not seen it play video clips from movies, but that is probably the next step.

While I was looking forward to going a party where I went with Natalia only, Travis and Carolina also came which is probably what made it so perfect. Travis, you are a stellar party person, reliable designated driver, and you can out party just about everybody I know with just a double shot of espresso. It has been an honor to be your wingman.

To give credit where credit is do, the man of the hour was Etienne. The Frenchman kept the music cutting edge, hard and nasty - which made dancing effortless. It is amazing how really great music makes a party so much better in every way. It seeps into all the little nooks and crevices, from the vibe of the crowd and the mood of the bartenders to the energy in the walls and the floor. It connects us through subspace to people we have never met, people from another land and another time, who shared the same state of mind for a moment once. It's pure misconception to think that dance music is new, when in truth it has been part of human civilization for thousands of years.

Tonight's selection was really serious stuff, which is somewhat rare. You may have noticed that there are a lot of fruity tunes being played, but I for one like all things hard and heavy. This goes for all genres of Techno as well as the for the people I party with, the clubs I prefer, the speakers I listen to, and of course the drinks!!! One final plug for Redbull and Vodka (Chopin, Blue Ice, Stoli, Smirnoff - in that order) If there is one thing I want readers to remember it that the "real drugs" are not to be fucked with. Twice a year is simply too much.

Even with alcohol a slight buzz is the perfect amount and anything more is usually going to keep you from going out again the next night. And let's not forget that it is important to go out as much as possible - but not so much that it interferes with work or finances or health. The party life must above all else be healthy and sustainable. If yours is not, then you are not a real party person. You are just a regular person who is pretending. Kinda like a marathon runner that sprints ahead of the pack at the start of a race, then later falls behind.

Not the pack that I choose to run with.

SpECiAL tHANKS to just some of the people I have had the pleasure of partying with, all of whom I believe have been utterly awesome friends and top flight team members.

Back in the Day (1999 to 2001) – Ingrid B, Marcus 24, Matt 77, Cheryl 36.5, Lila 73, John 96, Eddy 42, Cherly, Nada 31, Katey 34, Uriah 80, Jason 88, John 96

A Little Later (2002 to 2003) - Cierra, Shauna, Liz, Sarah, Mike 22

Then (2003 to 2011) - Christy 001 aka Little Cutie

Currently - Travis, Natalia, Awesome Olga, Elena, Carolina

And of course Original Ravers Digest Photographer and Hardcore Party Machine Sam 8 who I have been consistently partying with for now over 10 fucking years !!!

Also, special thanks to all the DJ's, Producers, Promoters, Bouncers, Bartenders, Ravers and Clubbers around the world who have made my almost 18 years (half my life!!!) of partying so great. Good luck to the next generation of the Ravers Digest Staff. If you experience only a tiny percentage of those perfect moments that I have enjoyed, your own magic carpet ride is going to be unforgettable.