It was a dark and stormy night on Hallows eve this year, a night in which no one knew that horror would be awaiting those in attendance of Monster Massive…

Myself, Christy and Kitty- I mean Cierra, after a brief preparty at Christy's Rancho Cucomonga Apartment, headed out to Monster at around 8 p.m., and I can't tell you how amped we were as we sped to the LA sports arena venue. Actually, I can. We were as amped as light bulbs screwed into surging sockets, ready to blow out. This was the first party I had attended since Cyberfest in San Francisco primarily because I've been spending way too much time on the computer magazine I now work for and the rest with Christy, which does not require going outdoors. Anyway, like I was saying, it was a dark and stormy night as we pulled up to the Sports Arena to park the car. It was especially rainy as we exited the ride as the rain instantly drenched the three of us. What can I say besides "Brrrr"? Well, I get pretty clever on the way to parties so I came up with "Are you girls wet?" to random hotties passing by. "Oh yes, soaking wet!" said one, getting the sexy innuendo, "Me too, I'm dripping wet!" said her friend, who I'm not so sure got the gist. Heeheee! One last check: does everybody have there tickets? "Oh yeah, almost forgot!" said Cierra. With tickets in hand, we were now ready for Monster as we walked to the venues, becoming more and more wet with each step, each drop of rain, each beat that we could not hear, yet. As we came closer, we decided that the guest list line was our best bet.

As soon as we got to the guest list I managed to convince a nice girl to let Kitty and Christy share her umbrella, also getting us to the front third of the line in no time. A few minutes later I pushed my luck and asked if we could go straight to the front of the line since we had physical tickets and did not have to have our manes checked against the Guest List. Ninety-nine rainy yards later we were inside the venue and the heat began to evaporate the rain out of our clothes. Monster seemed to be going off pretty well, so now it was just a matter of finding the Jungle room, and this is when the terror began. By virtue of asking around, it became clear that the Jungle room have been shut down due to rain flooding that area. In utter shock and disbelief, Kitty and I were wrapped in disappointment, denial, and doubt. Christy could go the whole night without a single dub plate, but Cierra and I this was tragic, we would probably die!

The outdoor House area seemed like an okay place to spend the night, but for those of us infected with full blown basslust, things were starting to seem a little bit spooky. We headed back in search of the 3D specs that made this years Monster "Monster Massive 2003D" as the Trance continued to drill tiny little holes in my head. After a bit of looking al over the place, we finally found the glasses at the main entrance. Fuck, that crRAAAazy! It clearly states that the specs are "Only for viewing ChromaDepth ® 3D Images. Not for extended wear." But the fun really begins after a half hour or so. While the designated 3D room was cool, looking at the main stage from on of the upper balconies was the coolest thing you could do. Every little detail, every laser, every glow stick, every floodlight came to life at a surreal distance between were it actually was and my eye. This was pretty trippy and went well with the kooky Trance set up, but alas we got over it and started to look for the Jungle room which may or may not exist, may or may not be shut down for the rest of the night, and may or may not be moved to a new location we had yet to discover. Rumors persisted that the bass would boom again, but everybody had a different idea about where and when, so we bounced around the venue like tweaked out zombies in search of freshly broken beats. Poor Christy was dragged around, literally since she wore a dog collar and leash attached to my belt the whole night, the entire night when all the wanted was a little Trance of Happycore. What can I say, that what you get when you hang out with Junglists. Finally, just before 2 a.m. after looking in every other part of the venue, we came up on the Drum n Bass room, and the party had finally begun! At last, even from around the bend, the sweet sounds of Jungle healed my tattered mind and I could genuinely smile.
This had to be one of the best Jungle rooms yet, not just because the music was great, but because everyone there was truly dedicated to the finding this treasure and were just cracklin' with excitement to have found it. It was one of those rare but amazing super good vibe Jungle rooms with Jumpin Jack frosting the cake, followed by Total Science, followed by AK1200, followed by another half hour of Jumpin Jack Frost in overtime to make up for the rain delay!! Fuck Yeah!!

So, this years Monster turned out to be a nice one, pushing till 4:30 in the morning, the latest since the legendary Monster 2000, and by the time it was over, I had nothing left. Mad props to Reza and Go Ventures for an amazing and unique 2000 and 3D production, and especially for reloading the Jungle and blasting out a new area until 4:30 a.m. So, until the next episode, you know what to do. (and for all the knew skoolerz- its RAVE ON!)

Oh yeah, and Kitty has something to add: "The coolest thing about the glasses, I would say, is looking at your Drivers License. I keep the glasses in my purse to show people."