Did Somebody say

The overworked air conditioning dripped condensation water onto the crowd when Theo started his set, and continued to do so until 2am, when Donald Glaude dropped the last beat. Elements 1 Year Anniversary was an anniversary for the club, and it's regulars. Theo had a very strong set, so strong that the word on everyone's lips was "Battle." Regardless of what both DJ's said, Theo did not show up at Elements in order to open for Donald Glaude, but to battle him, and it was a great battle indeed. In fact, there were great battles all night, such as: Pure Dancing Kombat, Popping Showdowns, White Glove Face Offs, Glow Stick Sparring, and the battle to stay below 102 degrees-which nobody won.

Theo's set was Hard Trance, delivered more aggressively than usual. He played many of the night's best tracks, and did not disappoint his legions of loving fans one bit. Theo was showing that he could hang with Glaude, and that pretty much means he can hang with anybody.

At 12:30 Something unusually funky came through the speakers, and it was unmistakably Glaude. Interestingly, it was not the hardest house, but more so very funky. The set was excellent, and Glaude's fingers were the center of attention. Do ya like Funky Scratching? Good. There was lots of that, as well as plenty of Funky Split Beat Pauses to increase the funk factor of the already funky vinyl. It seems that Glaude likes to touch the records much more that other DJ's.

"Why is it always so damn hot at the parties you spin at?" I asked Glaude, in reference to the sauna that was Origin 99 in SD and tonight's event. He said he did not know, but I think that the number of people that show up, multiplied by how much energy he makes us burn is the scientific response.

When I asked Glaude and Theo about the night's battle both said only that the other "had a great set, and is a good guy." Wow, feel the PLUR.

Despite a little understandable over crowding, this party was conducted in the same professional way that all Elements events are handled, and was not busted, Thank God. Who is spinning at the 2 Year??