As usual, things started pretty slow. Matt refused to join us because there wasn't any jungle. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the fact that there wasn't any jungle at Double Stack Pac Attack. Normally, jungle always overpowers my wanting to dance in the house room. No matter how hard I try, I always end up staying in the jungle room, but this time, no jungle, all rave!
We arrived at the venue around 12:30 am. Finding it wasn't tough, it was trying not to hit any homeless people on the way there that was. The warehouse that housed this party was in the middle of ultra urbania. Not a gas station in sight, just cold, dark buildings, and unlit alleyways. After parking the car, a rented Toyota Camry, we walked in. The party was definitely a change in atmosphere. The music was loud, people were dancing, lights were flashing, and most importantly, everyone was smiling I was at a rave! At that point a rush of energy hit my body, and I started dancing. In the middle of the dance floor things were hot! I don't think anything at that point could have made me stop. The music was damn good! Not your typical trance set either. This was more tekky and fast paced, almost speed NRG Trance. Now normally I don't care too much for trance, but this SO got me moving! After the set was over, Happycore was played on the main stage. This was my queue to hit up room numba 2!
Room 2 was the chill room. It was much darker, much smaller, and much hotter, BUT the music was really good. The DJ was spinning everything from Breaks, to Gabber, to Hip Hop, to some really good 2-Step Garage. I didn't really stay in that room for too long cuz of how hot it was, but it was cool none the less. After the Happycore resided, it was back to the main stage. This time around, it was all tech house, and garage. I never got to find out who the DJ was, but damn, he was good! I gave that fool mad props! Anyway, after dancing a bit more, this girl caught my eye. She was tall, skinny, and blonde with pink glow sticks. Every beat, she'd get closer and closer, until finally, her ass was right in my crotch. This was followed by a stiff grab to the nuts. Then, suddenly, she turns around and says in her sexiest voice, "Hi there. My name is Tauntra." Immediately afterwards, she walks directly to her DJ boyfriend and starts making out with him. At first all I could do was laugh, because I totally caught on. She continued to do the same thing to 5 other guys. She was definitely my definition of a Rave HO!

Shortly after all that happened, the other staff members wanted to go home. The end to a great party; something I really, really needed. This party relit that candle inside of me. Sitting in the car on the way home got me thinking about my first rave, and how great it was. At my first party, it didn't matter who was spinning, or who I was with, it was the experience. This party felt the same. I really liked it. Props 26C!

-Marcus 24