i guess this is my entry for the monster massive contest. hope you like it! is it just me but when a rave goes bad, things get really fucking scary. its not like a bad commute to work or a bad hair day but real fucking drama! scary rave almost always equals bust and then some. oddly enough, this story takes place during halloween of 1998. or in the week or two before halloween, i don't really remember...........

the weekend was fast approaching and i got the usual phone calls from the usual folks. "whaddaya feel like doing this weekend?" "i dunno. i hear sporty's throwing a party." "ok, i'll see if so-and-so and the crew feel like hitting that up." the phone tree was activated and PRESTO! somehow a dozen heads congregated outside of the venue by the time the midnight sun made its appearance friday evening. isn't it great when a bunch of your friends show up once word circulates? none of that, "well, i'll have to see but maybe i'll catch up with you" stuff. they were just there. it was so easy.

i was in a great mood, ready to party and dance my ass off. we were celebrating denny's birthday and decided to show him a good time by taking him to his first rave. also, for me and two of my friends that i went to school with, it was our fall break and we didn't have classes the following monday or tuesday. the party was all that we could have hoped for. everyone was dancing and making new friends and our first-timer, denny was loving his first roll. it was hot and stuffy inside but i bought handfulls of sno-cones and passed them around. it was when i was buying the second round of sno-cones that i saw mike, an old friend.

i brought mike back to my crew's temporary "home" and shared sno-cones while we caught up. it was that point that mike said, "i've got a thingy full of liquid. do you or any of your friends want any?" he really didn't have to ask. once i mentioned 'cid to my friends, nearly all of them stuck out their hand for a little drop of magic. me, james, john, and k were the fry-freaks in the crew and each had more than a few. mike was making his way around, placing drops in hands. when he came to denny i stopped him. "its ok, man, its his first party."

"what? why not? c'mon!" inquired a wide-eyed denny. what tried to come out was "no need to push your boundaries on your first party" but i think it was merely "nonopublahblahblahblah" that resulted. my tongue already felt like it was covered with a fuzzy sock. coherency would be a real problem from here on out.

at point richard, who brought denny out, stepped in and basically convinced me that the birthday boy can take care of himself and, after all, it was his birthday. i relented and went back to my sno-cone. i thanked mike by throwing him a $20 and a joint. if one good thing came from the party, it was that i saw mike a bunch of times after that.

we were partying for another hour or two when, of course, the venue got busted. trying to keep straight faces on, we exited and quickly found our cars. there were three cars and we luckily found three people from the crew that were fine to drive. we drove east to school where james and i had dorms. i was having a great time in the car i was in, laughing my ass off at what seemed to be outlandish shit that i was seeing. i got back to my room with everyone from the crew but james, richard and denny. not long after our return, i got a call from richard, who was in james' room with he and denny. evidently, richard had the matching sock on his tongue to mine; i understood nothing. five minutes later, richard shows up at my door looking pale. something was obviously not right in the world. i walked back with richard to james' room to see james in the lounge with is head in his hands.

"dude, what the fuck?" was what i tried to say. james quickly raised his finger to his lips, "shhh!" from james' room i heard denny yell, "JESUS LOVES ME!" oh shit, our birthday boy was BT-ing. thankfully, it was fall break and the campus was, for the most part, empty. we didn't have to worry about waking anyone up at 4 AM.

i had to do something. richard sat down next to james, laid back, and placed the backs of his hands over his eyes. james resumed his slumped over position. my thoughts were puncuated by the occaisional "JESUS LOVES ME!" that came from james' room. there was only one thing to do. see if i could get denny to move, drive him out to the desert and shoot him.


i wanted to see if we could get denny to move, drive him up to mount baldy and have him scream all he wanted till he was sober. we still had roving campus security and we didn't need to attract any unwanted attention. so i went in.

"what's up d?" i poked my head in james' room.

"JESUS LOVES ME! FUCK THE WORLD! YOU CAN'T TAKE MY SPIRIT! JESUS LOVES ME!" denny's voice echoed in james' small room. well, at least it did in my ears. he looked at me, wild-eyed, and there was no recognition. there was this white goo in the corner of his mouth that snaked out like a oversized maggot. he was on the floor, with the harsh bright lights on, entwined with james' blanket.

i spent over an hour trying to talk to denny, get him to recognize me, move, do anything but scream about the love of jesus. of course, the only thing he DID do was yell, "JESUS LOVES ME!" over and over. and over. i knew about the time lapsed because there were clocks in james' room. it seemed like i was there for days. my only wish was that it would all end. my wish was granted by a knock at the door and a "sir, would you open the door?" it sure as shit wasn't a friend to help me carry denny out the door, toss his ass in the car, and drive him up the mountain. there wasn't any doubt, it was campus security. i got the door and in walked a lady dressed in black, still wearing her bike helmet. denny looked up and gave her a good, loud "JESUS LOVES ME!" and promptly burried his head in the blanket. she flinched and instinctively reached for her knightstick or can of pepper spray. i never knew which one, they were mounted on her belt right next to eachother. i still carry that picture in my mind and laugh about it. "is he on drugs" she asked.

"well, it would seem so. i don't know him to scream about jesus, even in church" i replyed. i looked down and my shoes were puddles. i looked away and saw that vines were growing on my arms. i shut my eyes. "is everything alright?"

"no. i think he's been given some acid." i just wanted it all to end at that point. calgon, take me away. "was it strong?" another "JESUS LOVES ME!" rang out and she again reached for the knightstick. "well, it was for him," was all i could think. she disappeared and i was alone again. me and the

then i saw flashing lights outside of james' window. peering out through the blinds i saw it was an ambulance. no cops. "PHEW!" i let out a deep sigh of relief.

the paramedics wasted no time strapping denny to a strecher and carting him off into the wagon. i could hear him preach the good word even as they were sticking him in the ambulance. i looked at james and richard, "there's no fucking way i'm getting in that thing with him. i just sat with the motherfucker for
the last hour."

richard looked cracked out and weary. james looked at each of us and shook his head. "alright, i'll do it." james has always been such a trooper. according to james, denny remained strapped down once they got to the hospital. they injected him with all of these chemicals (ironic, no?) and got his information from
james. denny's brother drove out from la and picked him up to take him home. james called me and i had john drive to the hospital and bring our boy back to his friends.

james walked in through the door to my room, looking as if he had seen the dark side of the moon. "no worries, mango, its all over." i offered him my bong, the bowl briming with a fat blueberry nug. "its time to relax and forget about it. we're driving to vegas later today."

SO, this guy will be going to monster, and getting the VIP treatment from RD....

Will he have fun? Will Monster Massive go off? Find out next week...