Its over and done with, but its still fresh in my head. The seething heat that caressed my skin well into the night. The night with its full moon, and strange desert beauty. The music that seemed to go on forever. The whole experience, a giant blur that couldn't be clearer.
Anticipation mounted all throughout the five hour drive, and the two and a half hour wait in line. Strange excitement took over once I passed through the gates. That same feeling I get at most parties, when I realize that I'm actually there. Feelings of unease took over shortly, when I realized that in a crowd of thousands of people, I was alone. Not a single face familiar to my searching eyes. My nerves were eased when I spotted a friend I had traveled to the party with. The two of us then set out searching for the rest of our group. Things seemed to be working well when we found them with ease. None of us saw the for coming separation. Within the first two hours of my arrival inside the gates, I managed to meet up with nearly everyone I knew that was going to be there. A scheduled meeting point and time aided me in finding those whom I truly cared to spend time with. Once I had found them, rounds of the different stages were made. Upon reaching the Tidy Boys set, I literally became lost in the music. From that point on I never once saw a single person from my group, until we met at the car the next morning.
I did however manage to stick by the side of the one person I had wanted to spend the night with. From the moment we met up, the rest of the party seemed to blur around the edges. I scarcely noticed that a single other person was even there. All I had eyes for was the one I had linked hands with. The only thing I heard was the incredible music that surrounded me. I was content to be left in my own world, and I stayed there the entire party.
Nocturnal Wonderland was nothing short of a completely different type of raving experience. Mingling with the many colorful faces that blurred in my path proved to be a quite unappealing thought. Normally, I leave a party with at least twenty new friends, but I was more than content to never even utter a word to anyone that I crossed paths with. Staying in my own world was all that I cared about. And I managed to do so for the better half of the night.
Wandering from area to area was a journey, but one well worth it. The mile long dancing area seemed so interesting when it was announced on the flyers and website, but actually walking the thing was another story. Most everywhere I went, incredible music was being brought forth, everything from hardcore to hip hop to hard house. I couldn't get enough of it all. The night was definitely confirmed as one truly out of this world, when Rabbit In The Moon took the stage at the last area. That set was nothing short of mind blowing. And the fireworks completed it all for me, when twice they ended kisses that I had given.
As the light began to take hold of us all, we filed out slowly from the venue. Jointly wanting to escape the sun, for we all know the sun is a ravers biggest enemy. Clouds of dust arose from the thousands of cars leaving the venue. Looking around, it didn't seem possible that the endless amounts of dirt that surrounded us could have been home to such a true Nocturnal Wonderland.

 words melanie 17 photos by guest photographer cody