Ravers Digest Party Review

Photography- Brenden 14

Words- Mark 37

Okay! Now that you have a little background on the book that this event was named after, let me tell you what the party itself was like. It was at Orion in Downtown LA, a now popular and ever improving venue. The Big room in the middle of the venue was like it always is: full of lasers and Trance, and people who love such things. (Just like the inside of the Masterdome used to be.)  

Upstairs you could hear the music in the main room crashing into the music in the upstairs room, which is bad. No party crew has yet figured out how to set up the speakers upstairs yet, but thats the little room, so who cares?
 The best news about Orion is that downstairs is a perfect Jungle room, and this is really where the story begins...

I followed the bass down the stairs,
and as I tread over unlit concrete
and closer to speakers, I heard a
record abruptly pulled from the turntable.

The crossfader flips to the new plate, and just as I get a feel for it, the music stops again. The experience reminds me of listening to records at a friend’s more so than hearing a DJ mix a set. Whats this? A little bit of Ragga? Nice! Oh, what, the DJ just stopped the music again? Fuck this shit. Whos spinning? The MC answers my unasked question in a deep and scratchy voice ... “Warmin up the room tonight is Curious, inside the place.” Oh, shit, CRS? All is forgiven, since I know for a fact that CRS? has never spun a bad set in his entire fuckin life. The next record comes up (more ragga) and a moment later another record gets mixed in. That was the beggining of the first of three quality, consecutive, Jungle sets I would hear that night. Next up was APX-1, test driving the TAO set he would spin a few days later. (He started his set with hardstep, mixed in a bunch of techie drum n bass.) By now I was warmed up, but not tired. When I saw R.A.W. lug his box of records into the basement of Orion, I knew for a fact that now matter what happens, LA Jungle will never die. No matter how shredded the scene gets, no matter how many venues are shut down, no matter how many people drop out of the scene, as long as we have a few good Jungle DJs and a spot to use, we will have Jungle. Thank God for twisted bass.