7:37 p.m. Friday Night: A scenic spot overlooking Hollywood is where I realize what I am doing to myself. As nice as it was of Nada (#31) to make time to see me, soon after we met a sad subject came up. I had to come clean and tell her about how feelings that were so strong and seemingly indelible had changed. I now have only fond memories of the way things used to be. I looked at Nada’s innocent face and said “Nada, babe, I’m not a Housecat anymore.” In a disappointed tone, Nada said “Oh, Hun, that’s sad. You used to love House. I remember when we met, you were such a Housecat.” “I know Nada, but I just don’t feel it anymore. It seems like House is always trying to cheer me up when I don’t want to be cheered up. The feeling is gone. So, I’m back for more. More LA, more Jungle, one more Friday in the life of DnB.” “Well babe, I hope you get better.” Nada said as we parted. “It was nice to see you Nada, and… oh hey, let me use your phone to call the info-line real quick. Pager for life baby, you know how we do!” After quick stops at the map point and one of LA’s nine working pubic restrooms I read the directions to Cause 4 Concern (by Green Sector).


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