The RD crew is up in Cisco for our annual trip to Cyberfest, so we posted these pics of DJ Colette since she is the next best thing. She can spin, she can sing, she is all around beautiful, and I have to mention that nobody makes a pair of blue jeans look better. DJ Colette, we love you. You truly are the ultimate Jelly Bean.

Also, here is an article that one of our readers sent in for the Cyberfest contest, but I thought it was so nice that I posted it.

First of all, we must "spell check" before printing all rave publications and flyers to promote good grammar and phonics amongst all ravers. (I think he might be referring the typos in every single issue we have ever printed, but whateverz...) Here is my take on what can be done to guarantee the future of the rave movement. First of all, ignorance is bliss lately. Too much segregation among dancers, promoters, DJs, producers, ravers, clubbers, etc... Aren't we all tired of all these brazen comments like "I'm a Junglist", "I'm Hardcore", "Fuck Cande!" "I like Trance, fuck that Dark shit!" The comments go on an on! It seems no one gets along anymore. We go to parties to avoid different kinds of music and to avoid the "cuddle-puddles" and "mosh pit in the Hardcore room" or just to stand around and be "hard" in the Jungle room. And I don't even want to make a list of all the different types of ravers, oops, did I just call all peeps that go to parties "ravers"? I think that the older party goers have to set an example and quit being so superficial and double standard-ish, starting with the promoters and DJs we have to stop labling the music because it's causing people to break-up into groups. When we get to the party it never seems to matter anyway, or does it? When your there, you are thinking : "The music is making me feel good, this is what I live for!" Why waste your precious time thinking "this party sucks!" I don't think there is such a thing as a bad party. Some people are so jaded that they go to parties hoping it is gonna blow up. We should always try to support the music no matter what and make the best of it. For example, if you see some kid getting dehydrated buy water and make yourself useful. I thin the best part of going to a party is hearing a new DJ or watching a really pretty girl dance well, don't we all love that? I've heard that best music while wandering around not expecting anything or thinking about what music I don't like, because chances are that a good DJ can change your mind. It happens to me all the time. "Don't hate!" Another big problem is all the hating and shit talking about music and DJs... Just because someone says "Keoki sucks!" doesn't mean it's true. Go find out for yourself. He wouldn't be on Moonshine Records and World Famous if he sucked. He is actually a very talented DJ and producer. You need to give it up and respect those peeps that founded rave culture. Without freaks like Keoki we wouldn't have the rave movement at all. Say what you will, older schoolers. Less we not forget that our scene was founded on hardcore, so don't hate that either! We must have tolerance and open ears, and this is my duty as my DJ and dancer... It makes me sad when I go to a party and nobody is dancing, just smoking and fronting. So, if you feel the same way, then dance anyway, even if you are the only one. I remember when I started going to parties I always admired and looked up to the great dancers, and i learned from watching, it's always that one person who catches your eye, and hopefully some kid at his first party will see me and be equally inspired. Just becasue you have been going to parties forever, does not mean that you haven't been that inexperienced Cande raver geting high and missing the music altogether. I know you are a grown up raver that is now a Jugnlist or DJ, but you have a job to do!! Support all music, even though you mightn not like it, and don't forget that when you pay to go to a party, the proceeds go to pay the DJs, and everyone else who puts parties together. It's a full circle.