"Rob LOVES the Moon Bounce!" said a slightly drunk Marcus as we approached the venue for Cosmic Force. Peering over the fenced in outdoor area I could see the head of an inflatable dragon gently jiggling. Once again 26C had unleashed the chaotic energy that comes from combining a Moon Bounce and a rave. And it was a good thing too, as the Drum n Bass room of Q-topia was completely free of any frequency below 200Hz, there was no House music, and the Trance room was too clean for me to get that "rave" feel. (After another hundred parties it might be run down enough to feel like a rave venue.) The third room was Happycore -need I say more?

- SO, I went to smoke a cigarette in the splendid outdoor area of the virgin venue. Tonight, for me, was not a night to dance or to appreciate sets over a quality sound system, but instead it was a night for zany fun in the Moon Bounce. After all, I too drank my share of the Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka we finished on the way to LA, and now it was time to take part in making my own fun. Fortunately, I had a partner in crime with which to wreak silly havoc. Avoiding all originality, Alicia and I decided that since we liked Jungle, and the occupants of the Bounce were Cande People, we would teach them a lesson they would soon not forget. Actually, we didn't really want to teach them anything, we just felt like being abusive in a controlled environment.
"Hey, do you guys like TRANCE?" I asked through the netted window. I waited for each and every one of them to reply-some with a nod, some with an affirming comment, and one by laying motionless, face up with a pacifier in his mouth. A silent glance at Alicia, and we agreed that this was our crowd. Shoes were left at the inflatable doorway, as we crawled into the arena filled with unsuspecting victims. "Feel the pain Cande Freaks!!!" was the battle cry I uttered as Alicia and I began to bounce. Some of the occupants sprung up in defense of their Cande Culture, while others formed sad faces. In a way I felt bad for violating the sanctity of the otherwise peaceful Moon Bounce, but not bad enough to stop. Soon the Bounce became unstable, and everyone inside was rolled into one edge. A truce was made, until the Bounce was once again upright, and then just as suddenly it began again. Violent bouncing was not enough anymore, and direct man-to-man combat was in order. "Okay Trance lovers, feel the wrath of the Jungleplex!" Alicia jumped into my arms and formed the letter "J" by holding her feet high in the air. I then bombed the fallen Moon-bouncers by dropping Alicia ass-first onto their heads. Over and over, again and again, Alicia jumped into my arms and another helpless Cande Kid was victimized. Soon things got grimy inside the Bounce, and socks were being ripped from the feet of opposing Moon Bouncers. Occasionally a new person would enter the Bounce, leaving just as suddenly. This kind of chaos was more than some people bargained for, and even I can't tell you the complete details of the ensuing madness, some of my actions were simply too silly to be remembered correctly (At one point I remember planting a smelly sock on Jon Romley's face as he walked by the Moon Bounce talking on his Cell phone). Also, like I said, I was drunk.

Here, Laura shows her disapproval of the moonbounce's use at a rave. She knows better than anyone how dangerous they can be...
Here, a young girl and Pokimon help demonstrate the Jungleplex...
Wow, that little Jungle girl was strong!! I even felt a little bit bad for crushing Pokiman.
Oh, that's just uncalled for!!! Pokimon was just taking a beating that night. Later, his head ended up in a basketball hoop.
And here is that guy dealing out the abuse to the dragon directly. I blamed the dragon for making me take this guys socks, so you can understand his reaction...




And here is Devon geting ready to bust out in the Jungle room.


She stole that move from me!





And here the one Brenden call's "Water Girl"

She pours water on hereself to keep cool