As you know, Cotton Cande was broken up by the Fire Marshall. Yes, there were firefighters inside of the Orion- dressed like there was a raging inferno in there.

In the official opinion of Ravers Digest, Teknoklub and the people that bought presale tickets were both unlucky that night. There was no good reason for this party, which had 1600 people TOTAL inside - according to the FIRE MARSHALL was shut down. In case you are very very very new to raving, PARTIES GET BUSTED SOMETIMES!

Teknoklub's official side of the story: "The owner of the Orion did not have the permit on the premises to show the fire marshal*. The fire marshal decided that it may have been over the legal capacity of Orion. The management of Orion says that the venue was not oversold. There will be a make up party on the 4th of July. You can get a full cash refund if you still have an unused ticket. If you still have your ticket stub, you can get into any Teknoklub event up to July 31, 2002."

**(sources say that it was across town)