We were finally in Los Angels and I was ready for whatever life was going to throw at me Saturday night. I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew that I better keep my eyes open. By nine o' clock my boyfriend and I were outside of the Orion, taking pictures of all the quasi-8th Grade girls waiting impatiently in line, shivering in their plaid mini-shirts and pigtails. That didn't last long. We smoked our cigarettes and straightened our shirts before we walked in to Detention (by 26C). Anyways, I blew off the fact that the main room was swarming with trance-heads. I did not want to associate with those people anyway. I looked around but did not see any one I knew. I headed to the far left corner of the room, which led me to the stairway. By the time I made it down the first fifteen stairs I was at a slow jog passing nerds, schoolgirls, and candy kids (oh-my!) to take my first breath of Drum and Bass. Every body that was somebody was there. The feeling was one of happiness, as we were all glad to be with a crowd that appreciated these beats.

Every 30 seconds, the room would completely change. You would think that there wouldn't be a lot to do in a basement with two turntables and hundreds of people on mind-altering drugs dancing, but it was more amusing than you think. After all it was "Detention", you paid for it and you liked it, you didn't have to be there, you wanted to be. All the good girls and boys that stayed up late that night to experience detention outside of school, and leave the restrains of their life and their parents, and their all-so-crappy jobs. Thank you for attending.