What the hell is there to say? You just can't help but have a good party with a line-up like that! And that is just what this was, a party. Everyone was having a good time together, from the MCs to the DJs to all the party kids inside Qtopia that night, everyone was just happy to be in a place that had such a great vibe and gave us a chance to hear what might have been the best 5 hours of Drum n Bass all year.


When you see two white labels on the decks, that means your on the dub plate express. Here, conductor Craze rips it up for the Jungle Steppah crew...

Here, a lovely MC Tali entertains the crowd in more ways than one, as Roni size brings all the current UK dubplates to the tables. If you keep up with www.breakbeat.co.uk/
you can hear all the state of the art new tunes and even sing along to records that no one else has even heard.

Here are two cats that have been around the scene for a while now. The purple one had to take a break this year, but might come back to Southern California if the local authorities stop blaming music for all of the problems here. As far as I can tell, this place is just as fuct as it always was, just now we don't have massives.

Yes! MC ? kickin' it with the crowd! Actually, this looks like it is from blacks on blonds.