01.12.2002 DJ Marky live at Q-topia, Bassrush #4, with MC MC and MC ?
 Nine minutes after midnight, nine minutes into Marky's set I feel what I have never felt before in my life, an experience I never thought I would have, sounds beyond the power of all other sounds I know.

Pure, perfect, unlimited, unreal energy was created when Marky combined those records and unleashed the result into a mass that could appreciate what they were witnessing. This was no time to dance, no time to reach for a lighter, only to listen as carefully as possible to that sound, to the dozens of layers of sound and to the dozens of layers of sound being mixed into it compiling into one unstoppable force that could not be compared to anything else.
To my left an MC is speechless - there are no cracks in the wall of sound for him anyway,
straight ahead are thousands of people that have no idea what to do with themselves. they do not seem happy or entertained in the least, they don't seem like they are listening to music, they are simply blades of grass struck by lightning.














 If there is a God, this must surely be his voice.

A smile is replaced by a look of disgust, then horror, then shock as the sound turns from pleasing to abdominable, to black as death to overwhelming. Marky's fingers move the crossfader and different postions in it's range to create new feelings.

Somehow after all these years, after all my praise for Drum n Bass, after all the respect I have piled onto this form of music, I see that I have not yet begun to give, to understand, to see that no amount of repect can be enough.