So, Cheryl and I are on our way to San Francisco when we pick up this guy in LA who who says he's a "tagger." That means two less hours of driving for us, so into the rental car he goes - complete with spray paint, markers, and stickers that say "KOER."

And here we are !!!

Cisco is such a cool city !!!

As you can see, the whole place is densely populated and all of the houses are attached. Kilene, the girl I went to see, says that September is the best month to visit. The weather was perfect both days and I already can't wait to go back.


Out of nowhere, a parade of freeky cars rolls down the street, causing quite a scene at "The Haight." which is one of SF's many interesting spots.

The anonymous "KOER" plants a sticker way up at the top of Ashbury and Haight, before I visit the ESDJCO retail store and pick up the flyer for what would be tonight's party (in case you were wondering if there was anything rave related in this article).

After a nap, Kilene and I ended up at the, uh .. End Up for a few hours of House music, and to see how well the new camera would work.

This party was only $5 before 11 pm and $15 after, but Sam
(not pictured) from ESDJCO let us in for free anyway.
You can make your own conclusions about this photo, but I sure as hell can't.

"If it doesn't say House on the flyer, people won't go!" said one of the guys at this party. "San Francisco is known for House music, we invented it!"

I thought it came from Detroit, but who cares? It's nice to see an entire city that appreciates House. Everyone there has at least some respect for House, and nobody treats it like music for drug users.

House is a part of the culture in Cisco, while it remains mostly a part of the subculture in So Cal.

Here I am playing with the manual mode of my camera, you can see the guy playing pinball is pretty excited.

This might be my favorite shot of the night, so I will dedicate it to Sam #8, the original photographer for Rave on Magazine, and Ravers Digest.

I hope you like what I come up with.