What will the magic 8-ball say about tonight? "Will I have a great time at Teknoklub?" The answer was "YES, DEFINITELY", so things were looking good. In one hour flat Mark (37) and I had gone from a Carlsbad gas station to Tommy's World Famous Burgers in L.A., not that I recommend traveling at light speed to any event. We stopped to meet a friend for burgers down the street from the rave. A tip: If you don't like chili on your hamburger you have to order it that way at Tommy's World Famous Burgers. "You want no tomatoes, you order no tomatoes, you want no chili, you order no chili" exclaimed the lady behind the counter after studying the confused looks on our faces.

The night had a crisp chill in the air and the stars were unusually bright as we rolled up on the scene and said our hellos. I walked in and was immediately immersed in a warm blanket of Trance. Thomas Michael was captivating the onlookers, the floor was shaking from everyone dancing in rhythm, and the party was at full strength. There was a great vibe in the air, and everyone was smiling and having a great time. It was nice to see all of the love in the air.


Like always it was time to go in separate directions. Mark was off to take pictures and I was on a mission to find the friends we were meeting there. After tracking them down, it was off to the smoking/vender booth section to catch up with my old friend Jimmy and his new girlfriend. We had a smoke or two and checked out all of the goodies for sale at the vendor booths.

Riding the soft breeze was a warm beat calling us back inside. It was time to dance, and dance we did. I have to give major props to Thomas Michael, his transitions were flawless and his beats were hypnotizing. An hour and a half had passed with the blink of an eye and my urge to explore took control once again.

I meandered over to the Jungle room and it was hitting hard. The crowd had been mostly stolen away by the main room but a few hardcore Junglists were still representing. What the Jungle room lacked in decorations it made up with cool chill areas and cute bartenders. The DJ controlled the room from a stage at the front of the dance floor, he was drowning the room in bass and I loved every minute of it. I soaked in the action for a bit and was off to have a smoke, where I found Mark taking a break from his photography. We kicked it with a few cuties for a while and then bumped into a girl dressed in a large pink furry hat with a pink furry bikini top and a long pink furry skirt. She was out doing promotions. It is nice to see people that get into the experience, they really help to make raves something special.

We walked back to the party and by now Donald Gloude was tearing it up. What a showman, he was really getting into it his music. The general impression that I had gotten from the crowd is that a lot of them had come just to listed to Donald. The stage was jumping with partygoers, friends, and guy dressed as a big furry monster. A giant blowup Frankenstein doll even went crowd surfing.

It was time for me to take over the camera so that Mark would get a chance to go dancing. Hmmm, my first time playing camera man at a party, It was kind of an interesting challenge hunting down the fleeting moments that deserved to be captured on film. My favorite subject was a cute little bartender, she knows who she is. With the party now winding down it was time to call it a night. Soaked in sweat and feeling alive once more we decided to run the gauntlet of flyer vendors. I left this party feeling energized and all warm and fuzzy (a great combination if you can get it). So it turns out the magic 8-ball was right, I did have a great time this night.