Finally a new venue! The Orion is the perfect fuct up place to throw a party, while it's antithesis Q-topia is the ideal franken-rave-club-with working bathrooms-fancy rave place, but c'mon now! Can we please have something new? Maybe something in between? Maybe with a little qwerkiness? I know, maybe an indoor paintball field!

Ah yes, finally a new venue, mixed with something old to make things seem real yet awkward, I went to Jungle Bells with my ex-ex-ex-roommate Cheryl (AKA Cher-Bear, AKA some kande name, but I can't remember what). The night started off with a nasty twist, as Nada's message on my new cell phone said she was trying, lately, to listen to her inner instinctual voice and as such she bounced out of the party before 11 p.m. since she wasn't feelin' the vibe from her spot in the parking lot. "Nada! It's only 10:30, no party is gonna be poppin' that early! Don't you want to meet Cheryl? … Okay, whatever." Well, when Cheryl and I got to the party we were a little icey too, since there were not all that many people there, and the music was "justokay". So, what to do? Nothing, I guess. Just hang out and listen to the music, drink Red Bull, and eat sugar to try and get amped. Oh no. What if Nada-clue was right, what if we're in for a bunk night? That's not right, something good will come of this, this is the only party all month I couldn't miss! An hour later everything was the way it was supposed to be. I was feeling the music, Cheryl was dancing like she always had, and the party was straight going off! The music was better, since the headliners were up, and the party was pretty packed, and it wasn't packed only with the usual junglescene type, it had all sorts of junglites. Everyone, including me, was into the new venue and the music, Cherbear was hitting on the same guys, bustin' the same tricks, being the same Jungle Cheryl she always has been, even though everything else in her life is so different now compared to back in the day. Anyway, that's just how things were, the same but different. New this, old that, same girl, new hat, different place, drum n bass, same BPM, and a brand new photographer (these shots are by him).

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