What will this night hold for me? That is the question I am waiting to see. The answer is unclear as the 8-ball reads; It will surely be left up to my own good deeds. To the party we went, high hopes all around. Will good times and frivolity surely abound? Dressed to a tee raver panda and me met with the normals, to go find glee. Off in two cars our caravan went. Off to L.A. was this night heaven sent?

Our dear Mapquest failed to show us the way, for directions we stopped many times this day. The venue we found, happy hearts we all had. This was to be a good night, no one to be sad. Round the building we went a time or two, hunting for the VIP no one knew. The entrance we found tucked far away, Monster massive was ON without any delay.

Monsters, ghouls and wings all around, look at the great party that we all had found. The outside stage was the first to be explored, everyone dancing around not a soul was bored. The dance floor rig metal was made, with light strung above the piper was paid. Off to the inside my feet did say. More exploring we will do, without delay. To the main stage I went, down a series of ramps. Everyone was courteous, no one felt cramped. Now a tip, for those who are new, drinking too much isn't the thing to do. I learned this lesson in a big way, for in this room two hours I would stay. Looking at lights, laser beams and the sort. Happy as can be watching dancers contort. The time not wasted oh not for me, for some people from Vegas held a conversation with glee. Too often ravers time is spent mostly in groups; expand your minds and increase your troops. For a famous soldier, I was tonight, the unknown kind that fought the good fight.

Now that food and drink were a priority for me, plenty of vendors did my eye see. Off to get a hungry man's bite or two, a hotdog and soda the trick did do. Freedom was mine to seek once more, the beats that fill me, with their warm score. A graveyard for a stage I did find, happy Halloween hearts were dancing in kind. The music was warm and the people were too, friendly vibrations filled the air like one big crew. Dance I did to the DJ's phat beats, home I had found and fine candy treats. To the side of the stage stood a large grassy spot, a great place to break once ravers get hot.

On the way in, a jungle room I did find; this was one of the very warm kind. Dimly lit were the lights and creepy the stage, a vampire at the tables letting out her fierce rage. Fast beats broke, with no delay; the dark type of jungle whisked me away. Dark dancers abound casting caution aside, letting the loud music, in their souls reside. Off to the main room, a sober look did I take, This time from the front where the floor did shake.

Tired and hot, I went for a break, for a bottle of water I was to take. Quenching my thirst I found myself outside, now on the upper lever I was to reside. A great time we had, this pre-Halloween night, all had gone well not even a fright. Ghosts, goblins, witches and the sort, had gladly entertained me; there was much to report. For the bewitching hour, had long since past, and our energy, the whole night did last. Devon I found on my way out, she had such a good time she wanted to shout. Happy and hyper, we all gathered round, reflecting on the adventures that we all had found. Thank you Go Ventures for not being passive; for we all had a Great time, at Monster Massive.

eddy 42