Ravers Digest Feels the Force


In an Ironic Twist, Ravers Digest has been banned from the Orion Event Center due an article that some Orion promoters feel that we should not have printed.

The same writer also went on to say that she prefers virgin venues over safer more common venues such as the Orion, which may have also hurt some feelings.

Either way, the result is the same, there will be no article covering the giant moon bounce used at Freedom Force Five's "Feel the Force" certainly no pictures, and even worse, we weren't even allowed to go inside or hang out in the parking lot.

Isn't FREEDOM of expression one of the fundamental components of the rave scene, or does Ravers Digest have the responsibility to make raves seem as clean and perfect as possible?

Some people liked that article a great deal, while some disliked it because it linked raves and drugs. As far as we know, the public already has formed their opinion of raves and ravers. It has always been our goal to cover every aspect of the rave scene without making it seem like something it is not.

Many of our articles discuss the virtues of raving, while others talk about the vices. We are not here to lie to the public. Some people were unhappy with that article, maybe they should turn the page.

If anyone out there was allowed to go to the Orion that night and is interested in becoming a writer for our magazine, please contact us.

If anyone knows about any underground events that are coming up in the next few weeks, please contact us.