one of the best part of raving is right here, i get to go to parties with cierra (aka kitty, aka #99, aka ciarrrrr)

here is a cover for the boyz at jointz, in case they can catch on to the poetry, which i think they can, if they want to..

mc blitz chillen in the jungle room, in the left hand a mic may loom

breakers live on despite size of this here scene

some things never change, only rearrange with different stragers on different ranges

this is how every party really ends, you head to the car and find your friends...

a quick shout out to toyota for this 180hp (@8000rpm) 2600 pound selection

and to the reason i party in the fist place, to find dancers that can keep up the pace

check the venue, even *I* was a little afraid of a broken window, towed ride, trouble inside, or police raid




the future may seem to be a foggy haze, but what raver would want it any other way?

everything seems to be fine at this point, glowsticks, hot chiks, a random spot to throw a party, a little hot but not as much outside the ride

i never get over the beauty of driving down the 15 back to san diego after a night or 2 of burnt everything

jared: "i think that taco bell has the best nachos anywhere, did you know that you can get them with steak for $.50?"

"chicken is definitely betterrrrr" kitty

see how kitty gets to sleep on the way to parties? i guess when you love someone you let them get away with shit...

and here is kitty sleeping on the way BACK from the party, as the three seven drives home once again

quick political note here, even if you dont get the lineup or meaning of EDC, get all your friends to go to this party.

despite what you may know, the future depends on this show

here is the evil evil evil rave scene killing, mutilating, bringing war and hell to earth; oh wait, that is president bush...

i almost forgot, the rave scene is beautiful and serene

this is out of focus, but just enough

jared "these are the best nachos i have ever eatin in a jungle room, and i have had a lot of nachos!"

can you believe this girl thought i could take a bad picture of her? not possible, really

i think brenden would have liked this shot, since it almost means something but doesn't quite

this is more like sam's style

and this here is just a knock off of sam's style. i bet he knows what i am talking about on this one

and here is something jason would like, i think...

and just to round out the deal, andy would dig this one

so you be the judge, what is future music culture,URB has soldout, what is your selection?