Yes, belive it, DJ Dan and Charles Feelgood interviewed eachother for

Special thanks to these DJs for meeting the unique requirements of our "Vs." Interview series.


DJDan: you are from baltimore, home of john waters, tell us some interesting stuff about baltimore

Feelgood: baltimore is it’s own little universe. the scary thing is that baltimore is very much like the john waters movies. there’s an eclectic mix of people there, black, white, puerto rican, everybody come a freakin’.

DJDan: it seems to be a very difficult time in the economy. how do you feel it is affecting the scene?

Feelgood: we are getting paid a few pounds less these days, but that’s okay. you have to go with the flow. when the economy gets hit entertainment suffers the most, but thanks for helping me get that part-time job alongside you posing for playgirl, the extra $ will come in handy!

DJDan: you do an amazing rick astley impersonation, have you ever done him in karaoke?

Feelgood: yes! “together forever and never to part, together forever with you, and don’t you know I would ..........”

DJDan: what are your feelings on the rave act?

Feelgood: pathetic, i would be surprised if it passes. i filled out the form going around the internet that goes to your particular senator. i hope everyone who loves this music does the same.

DJDan: what are you currently working on?

Feelgood: i have a couple ‘a tracks up my sleeve right now, one has a really obscure sample from a not so well known eighties group. the next mix CD will be out in january.

DJDan: vinyl sales are down in america, what do you think we can do as djs to encourage record sales?

Feelgood: kids are buying records more than ever, but again the economy has affected record sales. i feel like we’re doing a good job putting good records out-it’s just the average home jock can’t afford to spend a lot of money on records right now. i actually think there are better records out right now than in the past few years. we just have to keep em’ comin’ and wait out the troubled times.

DJDan: do you think programs like final scratch will eventually revolutionize djing or will vinyl always rule?

Feelgood: i think final scratch is killer (and not just because that’s the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night) but I hope vinyl will remain king, it’s a lot more fun and it doesn’t crash!

DJDan: many people think that traveling as much as we do is glamorous. can you shed some light on the situation?

Feelgood: i’m cramped as hell right now on a plane answering these questions. a first class upgrade wasn’t possible and when you’re almost 6’5” coach doesn’t cut it. to tell the truth traveling is really difficult and it’s gotten worse since 9/11. it’s so worth it however, when you get to a rockin’ venue and all the problems you had getting there are forgotten.

DJDan: tell us a funny story about djing with scott henry from back in the day.

Feelgood: i remember scott and i were djing in North Carolina quite a few years back and the party was raided by the N.C. narcotics officers. kids were scrambling like roaches on the titanic and -scott and i were terrified. we had our hands up against the wall and were searched.

DJDan: i know you’ve rocked some outfits in the eighties. give us a visual, take us there.

Feelgood: oh boy! my favorite was my break dancing days, i thought i was LL Cool J, but weighed 125 pounds with 10 pound dumbbells in my pockets. then i went through my goth meets wham stage with a rat tail (dyed blonde-do you have any idea how hard it is for a black man to grow a rat tail?) i wore a trench coat with high top converse and
a “choose life” shirt!

DJDan: what is you’re favorite movie/show of all time?

Feelgood: my favorite show is a japanese show from the seventies called Ultraman

DJDan: i hear you have a mean and aggressive pussy. is this true?

Feelgood: yes, very true, the meanest pussy you’ve ever seen. his name is Butch and he doesn’t like anyone, he guards my house.

DJDan: you have a bad ass ride-tell us about it.

Feelgood: it’s a 2001 e46 m3 Laguna Seca Blue-19” three piece Racing Dynamics wheels- H&R coilover suspension, RD exhaust, it’s a Honda Killer!

DJDan: tell us a good stalker story.

Feelgood: without letting on too much, i once saw a girl at a club in florida then ran into her the next day in the mountains in Denver. I was like “what the fuck are you doing here?” if i give you any more info i may not make it to my gigs this weekend.

DJDan: what is your favorite pop song at the moment?

Feelgood: “don’t let me, get me” by Pink, she’s dope!

DJDan: favorite restaurant and dish in LA?

Feelgood: in n out hamburger, i get it protein style



Feelgood: how do you feel about your fans and everyday acquaintances addressing you as DJ Dan instead of just plain old Dan?

DJDan: it really only bothers me when good friends of mine introduce me to other people that way because i feel that it does not allow me to meet the person as ‘myself’ but rather this DJ character which can get really annoying when that’s all that the person wants to talk about.

Feelgood: i hear you have a gorgeous villa in LA, give us a quick rundown.

DJDan: yes, I just recently bought a beautiful 2 story english tutor home. i had the entire bottom level turned into the entertainment center and studio. the upper living area has been remodeled and i have had most of the furniture and lighting custom made. it is very comfortable and has loads of things i have picked up from all over the world.

Feelgood: my stalker story was good, but i hear you have a better one - give it up.

DJDan: i was travelling with my friend Dana one weekend and this guy was literally following us from city to city. he ended up finding us in vegas and we hooked him up with this bimbo that thought he was Danny Tennaglia and when she found out that he wasn’t, he dumped him like a bag of hot shit! it was quite scary actually because he
knew our entire itinerary without us telling him a thing!

Feelgood: how does it feel to be regarded as one of the top jocks in the USA.

DJDan: i feel very honored to have been doing it as long as i have. i have made alot of strong musical statements through the last 11 years and it really has been the open-mindedness of the people that have inspired me to keep experimenting musically.

Feelgood: my hobby is cars. what is yours?

DJDan: my most recent hobby is shopping for funky antiques for my house and having great parties there.

Feelgood: i heard you used to be a referee in the eighties at a roller skating rink, or was that Barry Weaver?

DJDan: actually, we both were, that’s how we met. we got into it once on the floor because he thought I had stolen his gold chain, but it had actually fallen off when he was doing an “ALL SKATE” to ‘The Bee-Gees’ (You should Be Dancin’) he later found it in one of his skates!

Feelgood: your worse excuse for not being paid at a gig?

DJDan: we got robbed at gunpoint and cannot pay anybody. fortunately the promoter would be able to scrape up enough cash to by buy a new car the next week though.

Feelgood: what is your favorite John Waters movie and why?

DJDan: hair spray, because it reminded me a lot of my own life growing up being in tons of dance competitions!

DJDan: haha (just kidding)

Feelgood: are the crowds more receptive to your jams in europe?

DJDan: i find that in europe, you’re either a techno DJ or a house DJ and since my sound is a combination of both, they say that it is really refreshing to hear the music played without boundaries.

Feelgood: your favorite halloween outfit ever?

DJDan: i went as Bettie Davis in the movie where she chopped her husband’s head off (i can’t remember the name). i looked really fucked up. it was wicked because nobody recognized me at the party!

Feelgood: who do you think i should dress up as this Halloween?

DJDan: Foxy Brown because you are as sweet as sugar and black as coffee!

Feelgood: speaking of the eighties, i heard you could give Boy George a run for his money in the outfit department back in the day!

DJDan: yes, i did bust out an outfit consisting of yellow pastel pants (rolled up Duran Duran style) with a yellow pin striped oxford with a really thin paisley tie. i topped the whole look off with a peach colored trench coat and multicolored pastel shoes to match!

Feelgood: who do you listen to when you’re not listening to electronica?

DJDan: AC/DC, Mettalica, and Slayer!

Feelgood: what do you plan to buy me for christmas this year?

DJDan: i’ve finally found someone to make you those platform shoes with the 5-inch glass heel that holds water and goldfish! i told them to make it bulletproof glass just in case you get into any big fights at the club! i’m still putting together the rest of the outfit for you though!

Feelgood: i know that this isn’t a question, but I’d rather let you know that i admire you more as a person than as DJDAN and you will always be just Dan to me, one of the most sensitive, genuine and talented persons in my life.

DJDan: that is so sweet and it completely caught me off guard. i feel exactly the same about you and would like for you to know that no one can make me laugh the way you do, laughter is food for the soul and you really are an amazing human being! your friend always, Dan