"Teknoklub Flies Away"

This article may contain rumors.

Teknoklub is gone.

According to many ravers, Teknoklub has taken the money and bailed out of the rave scene. This may come as a surprise to many of those in attendance of "Fly Away", as this was one of the most successful Teknoklub events to date. The lasting question on everyone's mind is: Why? Teknoklub was a top production company behind only 26C, Cosmic Force, Insomniac, and Go Ventures.

So why would they drop out of the rave scene?

According to some ravers, Teknoklub owed a lot of people a lot of money and chose to quit while they were ahead instead of paying everybody back. For those new to the rave scene, this is actually quite common. Even big names such as Channel 36, B3 Cande, Escape Events and now Teknoklub have gone from being on top of the rave scene to being gone overnight for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that throwing parties is very difficult. In order to throw a decent party, production companies face many challenges.

Money, of course, is one of the biggest. A venue is at least $3000, a lineup is at least $10,000, Fliers are at least $2000, and that doesn't even begin to cover all the expenses.

Another challenge is that many ravers expect a virgin venue, but virgin venue's are hard to get. Many places don't allow raves, and those that do want a lot of cash. For example, the original venue for Fly Away wanted to charge Teknoklub more than Danny wanted to pay, so he chose to move the party to Q-topia.

Another challenge is promoting and promoters themselves. A good promoter stays awake until six in the morning at least three times a week and hands out literally thousands of fliers. Promoters usually get paid very little, and many also have regular jobs. While ravers are having a good time inside of a party, promoters are outside handing out fliers. Lesser promoters hand out only five or six fliers and keep the other nine hundred and ninety in the trunk of their car, sometimes for years after a party is over.

Another challenge is people talking a great deal of shit.

Regardless of who is who, anybody in the rave scene has people talk a great deal of shit about him or her. In extreme cases, promoters throw away other promoter's fliers or magazine's. Sometimes people even threaten to beat each other up on the streets. This is a far cry from PLUR, but that is just how things are. In the rave scene there are a lot of strong feelings, and everybody always thinks that they are right. As such some people feel justified in doing whatever it takes to uphold their beliefs.

Beyond all of this there are: rain, world events, competing parties, and a simply unexplainable yet massive lack of desire to attend certain events that can all lead to disaster for promoters.

Teknoklub quit while they were ahead, it's just to bad they left other ravers holding the bill.