i am not going to even bother rating these since they wouldn't be here unless they were excellent. feel free to let me know about any other mp3s that should be up here (raversdigest@gmail.com) ALSO if anybody can dig up the blue kingpin tape "in the clutches of the kingpin" circa 2000 PLEASE let me know.

FxLogik - Rewind Da Bassline Volume 2

Diesel Boy Track 1.mp3

Audio1-Primary Element 10-04-05.mp3

Audio 1 - Primary Element 10-25-05.mp3

DJ Markey 1 2 3 4 5

Andy C 1 2 3 4

DJ Dan Radio 1.mp3

Thee-o HSII 2000.mp3


Shy FX.mp3


 Thee-o Spage Jungle.mp3

 Mark Farina 2000.mp3






 Jumpin Jack Frost.mp3