ok ravers, i hope you appreciate this, since i have a lot of work to do, but am instead working on this web site!

i admit the pics did not receive the usual photoshop treatment (they are not cropped, cleaned, tweaked or altered at all) but i figure that would be ok with sam.

and now for the article...


This must be the most obvious thing to say, but really, isn't raving the wildest, craziest, color coated thrill ride you could possibly imagine? The bass bins, the hot young girls wearing just about nothing but still managing to be stylish. The challenge of just getting there, getting in, getting home alive is a little to intense for most people. But not you, why else would you be reading this? Ravers are a little crazy to begin with, which why they are attracted to raves, which are more than just a little crazy, in the first place. And, let me tell you, this one was no exception.

A little crazy to begin with, Sam, the ORIGINAL Ravers Digest Photographer (!!!) decided to come along for this mission into the heart of LA, to the Alexandria Hotel.

About 30 minutes into our trip Christy mentioned that her sub woofer wires had come loose from the AMP in the trunk of her car. We could still hear the music albeit with slightly less bass. "Why settle for less?" I loudly proclaimed that "We should pull over and plug that fucker in!"

Minutes later we were back on the 5, but now loudly BUmpING Pete Tong, and after a wet and mildly wild ride to LA, it was time to wake Sam up (he was napping in the back seat) which I did (I was taking shots of Vodka in the front seat) by yelling "ACTIVATE RUSSIAN, ACTIVATE RUSSIAN !!!"

Oh, in case you sense that a key element to tonight's story is missing, I was hopped up on two Monster Energy Drinks and a Red Bull.

And weed.

And I had not been to a party in LA in three months, so I had a lot of energy stored up.

We get to the Alexandria and there is no party, just

- two people (full time hotel guests?)

- a hooker (man | woman | hermaphrodite, who knows in LA?)

- a security guard (to make sure the sign is not removed?)

- a sign that indicates that the venue had been moved to another venue (club SOHO)

A venue I had been to before, years ago, under different circumstances.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately ran into Nick, who I have been partying with since 2001.

I turned my head to introduce Nick to Christy, but she had vanished in search of beer, which would only be served for a few more minutes. Nick and I went upstairs to check out the Jungle room, which was OK, but I have to admit that DNB room was the #3 room at this party (despite flier). It was small, kinda crowded, and lacked chest pounding bass. Nick soon admitted that he was leaning more towards House these days, which is just part of the cycle for JUNGLISTHOUSECATS... Sam popped in to mention that Christy was still M.I.A. and made me feel like I should find her. I wouldn't want her to be swallowed by a speaker or anything.

Find her I did, double fisting beers, at that! Holy Frat Parties Batman!

A little later I talked to Sam about Secret Ravers Digest Photo Techniques (no details at this time) some of which he used to take the pictures for tonight's event.

This party brought back a lot of memories for me, but the most important was the way it made me feel. Not so much the emotions I felt, but rather how my body felt. When I dance hard for a few hours, it actually makes me feel lighter, quicker, even maybe younger. Stairs seem shorter. Music seems slower, the rhythm more pronounced. It is my favorite part of going to raves, the rinse. All the junk from living in today's world that pollutes me comes right out through the pores in my skin. It is an amazing feeling too feel so alive, and I assume that you are looking for that same high.

Or maybe you just want to hear that one record over 100,000 watts of power!

Speaking of which, I am OFFICIALLY giving it up to J Splat who by far an away played some of the best shit I have heard in years in the little room that night. Those records were HEAVY!! It seems to me like the fruity stuff is out of style and rock hard techno is on the rise. That works!!! If J Splat's set were on CD, it would be the only CD that I would actually pay for. Anyway, I am not going to try and explain how it sounded, but it was EPIC, and you should have been there.

The last subject I want to touch on ever so quickly is the "The True Meaning of 420", and in a word, it is about sharing. The ability to share what you have in your pocket is what separates the weed from the speed and the potheads from the tweakers.

Later !!!