A visit to the old Qtopia, now Vanguard, for a night of Jungle with Hazen, DJ Die and Aphrodite turns out to be like BIG chunk of wasabi** - after a monster hangover...

** real wasabi like you get at a good sushi place, not the green powder.


"If you do it just right it will seem like a dream"

The plan sounds simple, leave the safety of Carlsbad for a night out on the town, that town being Hollywood. The catch, get home in time for work early the next morning. The hook, Aphrodite spins a closing set that ends at 3 am. The line, "I got a lot of sleep last night." The sinker, listen to MixMag presents Aphrodite, The Takeover Bid Round One in the car.

The Breakdown:

2100h: specops01 drinks monster energy drink and drives to LA while specops02 sleeps in the car.

2300h: arrive in LA, drink, smoke, park, "we were in!!", Hazen, drink, smoke, DJ Die, Aphrodite, Tommy's Drive Through, Depart LA, specops02 drives while specops01 sleeps in the car.

0300h: arrive in carlsbad and sleep.

0700h: wake up and go to work.

"If you do it just right it will seem like a dream"