Hey mark I went to Made In Bliss last night ...

I took some pictures before my camera died.

So what happend there was :

My friends Brett, Kristin, Chris, and myself left Anaheim to go to Made in Bliss around 7:30 and we got there right when it was starting which was cool cuz we already had are tickets. So then we get in and it was kinda empty, but wow the venue .... wow thats all i can say.

It was really nice. After I got over how nice the venue was I decided to wait out side with some of my friends until it got really popin. We kicked it there until around 10:30 ( it wasnt that popin at that time but i wanted to walk around) and I walked to the DnB room which was empty.

I stayed in the Hardstyle room most of the night, but did listen to Thee-O who played in the third room. (good set). After dancing to Thee-O's set I got some fresh air, then went to see if that DnB room was popin or not and sadly it wasn't


I got over it and went back to the hardstyle room where I stayed to hear the Speaker Junkies, whos live performance was sick.

After the Speaker Junkies played my ride decided he wanted to leave cuz he was tired and i was thinking the same thing...

Raving + Dancing = Me Tired

We lost Chris and told our other friends to tell Chris to go to the car, but they came right out said they couldn't find him.

We sat in the car and waited for him about half an hour. Then we left and we got lost for awhile and it was cool and then I asked my friends if they can drive me to my house (which is in Laguna) we took the 405 til it met with the 5 and the 405 was really really foggy, we couldn't even see in front of our car. It was scary but way cool. Then pretty much I got home and crawled into bed

As I think back on the night I would have to say I had fun and am looking forward to the next party.

- Robert