"Like i said in my text i felt bad just cuz now raversdigest doesnt have pictures of Sin City but like you said theres a party every weekend for years well since i didnt spend the money at sin city i have money for one this weekend is there any good ones going on that i should head out to, if not whens the next one?

Also the line for sin city was crazy, i spent 3 hours in line just to get half way and find out it went from 35 to 40 and then finally once i got to the front right by the door they said no more people if one person goes out then one person goes in and to all the people who didnt pay yet youre going to have to wait until all the pre-sale ticket people get in first. me and my friends left at 12:30 cuz even if we did get in right then (which wasnt going to happen) we would only be there for like 3 and a half hours cuz my ride wanted to leave at 4:30 so we decided to leave and i guess around 2 the people out side rushed the door and i guess cops were masing people and they picked up the table and used it to push the mobing crowd back but im not sure that happend to that extreme cuz i didnt see it my friend told me cuz he saw it as he was leaving

Rave Calander:

February 24 (Saturday) – DNA (San Diego)

DJS: E-Sassin (SoundSphere, LA), Jason (Almost Famous, CSL, SD), Traverse (N2O, E21, SD), Erase *Live* (Jungletrain, SDDNB, SD), MC Unprediktable (aka Young Foe, UGT, Sickizm) and resident DJS: R.A.W. (N2O, Destrukt, LA), Unkut (S.D.O.G.P.W.C., SD), Skyler Mic (Deep, Lovehertz, SD). FREE event. Located @ Taboo San Diego (Dancers), 7094 Mirimar Road, San Diego, CA 92121 United States. 21+ Infoline 877.OG2TECH


DNA was free, 20 minutes from my house, featured only drum n bass and there would be girls getting naked.

i said "girls getting naked"

so really, what more could i want? I have to admit that i wanted to go to sin city...the line up seemed pretty good after all, but it was eddy's b-day and he was celebrating in PB, only 10 minutes from Taboo, the venue for DNA so the deal was sealed, jungle party at a strip club was in the cards.

we roll up around 11 and walk right in! as promised, the party was free.

no candy in sight, a welcome relief for eyes that have seem a bit too much plastic lately.

good sound, good crowd, and naked girls dancing on poles.

we find an open love seat and order drinks from a sexy waitress.

half way through my bottle of water (i drink in the car to save money) i felt a surge of energy and had to get closer to the speakers.

here is the recipe for the drink i had in the car ...

fill a 20oz water bottle with 6oz water set on side in freezer overnight before going to a party, rince inside of bottle with clean water to get the freezer flave out fill with 6 oz monster energy drink and 6 oz stolichnaya vodka. red bull and smirnoff are fine too wrap with 2 paper towels and secure with strong rubber band

you then have A BINKY a drink you can suck on all night long!!

christy says it should be called the "delicious penis"

i saw rob and teddy and elana (sorry if spelled wrong) who i partied with years ago, back in the day, in the summer of 2000.

behind the decks i saw mike aka "Uncut" who certainly laid down the his best set. ferocious product of records and mixes, overwhellming really.

christy then took the excellent video of "Blend" starting his set with "The Beckoning" by Konflict, a classic record that I had not heard at party in about 5 years. nothing against dub plates, but some of the new stuff is a bit fruity and dark DnB is a rush.

a bit after 1 christy found a dancer she liked named "jessie"

jessie was 5 ten, 1twenty5, dark with dark hair and smelled great, the last trait being a hallmark of all strippers.

$20 later we were both had big smiles on our faces.

DNA satisfied my basslust and as a bonus also had girls stripping. i hope to revisit taboo on a regular basis and can only hope that next time around i will again find a parking spot, easily find my way into the club, an open seat and an even hotter stripper with real breasts, as everything else about DNA was the real deal.