what you missed at give love? well...

the party was pretty much the same the whole time, but it got less crowded at about 2 am which gave everyone a bit of room to dance, and since it was less crowded the temperature in the main room became tolerable and humid instead of suffocating hot. i took off my dorky yellow ravers digest soccer jersey and felt better right away since i could move without polyester restriction. must have looked better in my black drumz t-shirt too. i was like, why are girls not digging me tonight? oh, cause i look like a fucking banana! after stripping down to the black drumz t-shirt i at least had a bit of my pimp status on the dance floor back.)

speaking of drumz, i had to stay out of the jungle room most of the night since it smelled like raw sewage. i love jungle, but it was disgusting in that room, in a word: necrophilia. a few bags of kitty litter and a big fan would have gone a long way in there... i can't believe that the jungle DJs could even maintain in there... it was fucking gross! opening a window would have made a big difference.

a much bigger change that we need to make ASAP: we need to go back to ALL VINYL ALL THE TIME... this digital crap has gone way out of control and it doesn't sound as good. some djs can work the digital stuff, but its not worth it, so fuck it all to hell, we need to go back to vinyl NOW before the rave seen looses it soul and ravers become digitally programmed half-dead bit-brained rave-zombies. is there a dj out there that would have any problem with reverting to all vinyl? isn't there enough substance abuse already in the rave scene that the last thing we need is a digital crutch to make up for the fact that the shitty new-school DJs don't have any fucking records? i admit that i didn't see anything wrong with all this digital shit when it came around, but i was just fucking wrong. it doesn't mix right and sounds like shit. i would rather NOT hear a dub pirated.mp3 at all than listen to it getting mixed like shaker full of shit.

[end mega rant]

we stopped at denny's on the way home to get a snack and i could still smell the stench coming off of us, even after we aired out the car and sprayed ourselves down with febreeze. for the first time ever, i felt like i was too low class to be at a denny's. i was ashamed, but the server didn't say anything

(i stuffed myself into the back of the booth to keep my smell a secret.)

the moment we got home i took off all my clothes and put them straight into the washing machine, and to get the smell off of ME, i had to take a shower and wash my entire body with shampoo twice.

the next day i opened my wallet and was hit with the smell again, it was time to launder my money and rinse out my credit cards!