Ravers Digest Goes to Ibiza Part 1

World Famous for being the ultimate party destination, as you may have heard, Ibiza had extremely large shoes to fill for our visit. After a 20 hour trip from San Diego to LAX to London Heathrow to Barcelona to Ibiza (whew!) we checked into our hotel, had a quick meal, and hit the sheets. Eight hours later, we woke up, had a meal, bought some bottled water, and went to bed again for another eight hours.

Local time in Ibiza (same as Amsterdam) was 9:00 p.m. and you can't be on a much better sleep schedule to party all night. A short walk, a good meal, and a taxi ride to the world famous "Space" Mega Disco had us in front of the club at 10:00 p.m. Surprisingly, the club was closed and would not open until at least midnight. This was my first hint that the party schedule in Ibiza was different from anything else I had encountered.

To kill time and catch a buzz, we bought cans of Becks at the small market price of 2 Euros (about $3.00) each. This also gave us a chance to socialize with the local promoters, who sell tickets on the street until 8:00 a.m.

Ibiza Super Party Tip #1: Always get drunk before going to a club!

After reading a variety of party posters, we decided to go to Pacha instead of Space, as Pete Tong was going to play at Pacha and Space looked like it was going to be lame (an off night was to blame). The promoter who sold us our tickets to Space kindly gave us our 40 Euros back and we were off to buy tickets to Pacha for 90 Euros (about $120.00 for both)

Another can of Becks and a taxi ride later, we arrived at Pacha, the local time was 2 a.m., which is when things get started in Ibiza. The club was crowded in the main area, but not so much in the smaller rooms. The huge disco balls, detailed artwork, and well sorted out lighting were as impressive as the drink prices were shocking. Red Bull and Smirnoff Vodka cost 17 Euros (about $25 US) each, a bottle of water was a throat parching 8 Euros, and a beer would set us back 12 Euros.


I couldn't help but think that a full blown VIP ticket to Nocturnal Wonderland with complimentary drinks (the same night, 8,000 miles away) was only $100, and the lineup for Nocturnal crushed anything you could ever find in Ibiza. But, "Fuck it!", we were in Ibiza and Pete Tong was about to start his set! The first CD I ever gave Christy was mixed by Pete Tong (Platinum on Black) so hearing Pete tonight was extra special as this was our four year anniversary.

And Pete did not disappoint. His set was smooth and I appreciated the subdued and mature sounds. The stuff we hear in LA is a bit heavy on lyrics and is overly dramatic with massive builds and drops one after the other. The popular sound in Ibiza was "minimal" where the music is simple and dissolves into the environment. You hear it, but after a while you just sort of feel it.

It might not sound that great, but believe me that it does work.

Unfortunately, Pacha was uncomfortably crowded and the air was thick with cigarette smoke. It seems like everyone in Ibiza like the clubs to be packed, but I prefer at least some room to dance.

The European Girls were slim, sexy, fashionable, and everyone was friendly... BUT, our first night in Ibiza left me scratching my head. Was I in the party capitol of the world, or is that where I live?


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