OCT 27 2007


- massive sound
- massive line up
- massive light show
- every beautiful girl on the west coast showed up in a sexy costume.


- it didn't last long enough
- drink line in the VIP was too long


holy shit, that was the biggest and best produced event i have seen in my life, if you didn't have a good time at monster massive, you wouldnt have had a good time anywhere. next year, monster massive must end at 9 am !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am a bit torn.

i don't think i can possibly explain how insane monster massive was this year in terms of the light show, the "fuck me i'm famous" dj line up, perfect production or number of absolutely hot ladies.

there was even enough room to dance this time around, a major improvement over last year's sardine can.

on the other hand, i know that at least one person didnt get a chance to visit the monster this year so i want to convey what it was like to her.

i guess i could sum it up with "oh my god!!!" or "wow."

people have no idea how great the party scene is here.

i just came back from ibiza island, "the party capital of earth" and i can tell you for a fact that if you transported the 5 biggest clubs on ibiza to los angeles they would fit inside monster massive.

could you pack the 40,000 plus people at monster massive on ibiza island? what a great idea!!

back to monster massive...

a small and simple three room line up worked perfectly, armin van buuren and judge jules played consecutive 2 hour sets, adding up to a very nice 4 hours of brain bashing, ball bouncing, bad ass shit!!!

a one minute walk to the outdoor area where the witches woods stood and you could enjoy a tasty brew of hollow sounds, a classic recipe concocted with skillful reservation, not a pinch more noise than a good jungle set requires.

thanks to chase and status.

but something was amiss... looking around the jungle room. who were these people? candy ravers, random heads seemingly yanked from the local hip hop scene, even booty ho's?

where did all the; big, bad, dark, and slightly rude junglist go? were they buried beneath the soil in the witches woods? have they been banished to another, possibly darker, world? are they now ghosts that congregate on the solid surface of the parking lot, close enough to hear the music but too far away to be seen? maybe they follow the same rules as VAMPIRES, and never step foot on an estate which they have not been formerly invited.

maybe the 100 ton solid hunk of obsidian that was the junglist community has been eroded by the endless waves of hapless newbie ravers and is now just a smooth black pebble the form of a liquorice jelly belly or, more appropriately, a black acid jell tab.

a pea sized object that i predict will continue to threaten the general party population forever, until one day it comes back full force and wipes the smiles off the faces of every candy coated bystander.


and i guess that is just that way i see things.

i go to see what it is today, not to see what i saw last year.

would it be a thrill for me to see a swarm of nasty jungle elitists descend onto the scene ???


but they are nowhere to be found.

i hide my own fangs, smile with my lips sealed, and blend in with the silly people.

even if they don't know much, they know they like it, and that is enough reason to tolerate them.


breakbeat vampire

p.s. regardless of who you are, please come to monster massive next year, the monster thrives on fresh faces.