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First and foremost, I'd like to start this email with a disclaimer.

"The contents that you are about to ingest is fueled by massive amounts of alcohol and other obscenities. Spiritual provision is advised."

Energy. Dance. Creativity. If I were in charge, that's what EDC would represent. And I, speaking for myself, would summarize the wonderfully electric night as a stripped up boogaloo. I've been to the past two EDC's and I'd have to say that this was the first one that I was so present at. It had the power (and audacity) to make me stop and question, "Who the fuck is spinning right now?" Mind you, this in itself was an accomplishment greater that the construction of the Great China Wall. And you could probably see how impressed I was from outer space, which I definitely was during the duration of the madness.

Moby impressed me. Krafty Kutz was sick. They were as I'd like to call, "Bringing it to the masses". But I have to say, a big reason why the night was as beautiful as it was, was truly because of the impromptu scoring of VIP tickets. From what I've heard, it was a little too packed but I cannot disagree more. I had enough space to bust my shit and then some.

EDC definitely hasn't let me down thus far and I look forward to next years all out mash up. A motley crue of freaks, geeks and candy meats - I'd say sign me up for the next one and twice on Sundays. If I had a time machine, I'd do it all over again.

And on that note - Keep the beat in your feet and the treble on the street, 'cause you know you won't be beat with the sickest of the feat.

Good vibes and tunes to the rePublic.

- Nausheen

ps: it would be brilliant if you could publish this email. it took time, patience and a lot of thought. and i think it's quite poetic but my judgment is hazy to the say the least. send love over here to the foreigner in American crew - no doubt no doubt. break the beat. :)




<< edc was ... EDC was massive, that's the general idea for it, but In my opinion/experience it was too massive. Within an hour of being there I was separated from my friends and was left alone to find new ones. I met a lot of new people and a few old friends, the music was great! The 150k watt system raped my ears, it was all worth the grueling wait. Moby didnt spin anything slow/ambient which is a good thing, he didnt drop any popular songs either. IE: natural blues, porcelian, forever, etc.. Benny and Paul had the best overall performance. (lightshows and fireworks.) and the way the entire expo park was converted into a weird hell/heaven type of environment made it completely unreal. The entrance to the arena was a giant mouth...picture a hellmouth. Edc was great, I have a feeling next year will be better though.

I would say it was an 8/10. Consider this though, as a raver I'm a little bit biased. -onoe.


Well Mark I would have to say EDC 2008 was the most epic adventure i have been on. The whole night was weird it seemed more like a carnival to me with ppl on stilts walking thru tunnles and walkin around just for our enjoyment. Also there was more games i noticed then last years edc and although i wasnt impressed with the line up this year i still give props. Eddie Halliwell, Bt, R.I.T.M, Z-Trip were my favorite thru out the whole night i never made my way to the DnB room but i guess it was just cuz im over seeing the same ppl (even tho there great). How can i forget the lightgraden it seriously is amazing to look at sober or not. . . i really do want one in my room.

I would say Bt's opening was amazing when he played let it be yeah that made my night. All in all i was running around with friends going stage to stage trying to figure out where the hell i was and where i was going but in the end we ended up in the spot we wanted to be in . . . a lot of ppl were there and they could have for sure done a better job being more organized with the let in but whatever. The next big thing thats looking crazy is Nocturnal Festival - Above and Beyond, Cosmic Gate, Digitalism, Kaskade. and also Beyond the Beat looks like a crazy big event too on September 20th (my b-day) they have John B, Limewax, Brisk and Ham, Luna C, Gammer, and kevin energy to name a few and its at the shrine nuts.


EDC was pretty epic, facebook friend me (florian Mettetal) and you can browse through my pics. If you want any of them in full res. Let e know. It's been almost two years since I've been to a rave – I can't believe I ever stopped! It was SO much fun. Do you know when/what the next EDC level event is? I really don't want to have to wait till monster massive!