Mark, KandieFest was one sick party...

Heres how it went down for me:

Once I was done with all the normalness I see in my everyday life my good friends picked me up and went LETS GO RAVE!!! My eyes showed that i was more excited than my body showed. We go to my friends Codee's house to pick him and some other ppl up and wait til the rave started, since he lived only 10 minutes away from the Hudson. I thought it wouldnt hurt to lag on getting there. We all got in the car and were on our way, and once we arrived my mouth droped at seeing how many ppl were lined up. Seeing the line made consider leaving but thankfully I heard someone say "if u have cash to the line with no one in it."

I felt that waiting in line was a waste of my time so i walked up to the guest list and asked to talk to Jason like u said and everything worked like a charm.

The party ... WOW raining and cold outside and hot inside !! You could see that everyone was really enjoying all the decorations and the 3 bounce houses and Kandie making area. In my eyes the best part of the night was the Speaker Junkies set, they always seem to know how to make a party rock the right way. The tunes were fat, the people were great, and they transformed the Hudson into another world that could only come out of this scene we love so much. As a whole I would rate this party an 8, definatly worth going to.

-Rob #70, Ravers Digest