Ok so here is my story about POP.

Me and my friend Jake aka Lunar and Cooper aka Ducky left to go to San Francisco around 5 cuz my car wasn't outta the shop yet. Sadly, we got there too late to scope anything out and our friends Bri and Jeniece were already asleep so we decided to turn in so we could get up in the morning and get ready for the party.

Well I could barely sleep cuz I've been waiting for this party since February. I woke up around 9 and my good friend Jacob and Jordan were staying at the same hotel so the day of the party they came over to my room so we could kick back. Then we all left to the party together but Jacob was running late because he had to stop for gas.

Once we got to the party, Jake, Cooper, Bri, Jeniece, and I saw the line and went "umm we don't wanna wait in this massive line" so we decided to see if we could find anyone we knew. We did and they were right in front . . . thank you. So once we Jake and I got in, we waited for Jacob and scoped the venue, which reminded me of a smaller LA Sports Arena.

It felt like SoCal.

They did a great job in the main stage, the lighting was beautiful. Before Ferry Corsten started his set, me and my good friend Jacob wanted to see Kaskade in the House stage so we can see Sorry and Be Still and Kaskade did not fail to please. When we came back to the main stage Ferry was up and it was something else. It wasn't the best set I've seen by him but just the feeling of being in the bay area was great.

Although Tiesto's set was shut down early, it was amazing. His music could have been better but the people doing acrobatics in mid air was crazy to see at a party.

The party ended early and I saw Tigger, who told me that the generators fried out and it was gonna take about 30 min to 1 hr to fix and by then it would have been 2 or 2:30 and the venue has to be closed at 2 so it wasn't gonna continue.

Once we all regrouped we piled in the car and drove back to the hotel, where we kept the party going. Once our personal party ended we all decided that although the party got shut down it was still amazing in many different levels.

It was well worth the long drive thru the night and the pain I got from dancing too hard.

On the ride home my friends passed out I started thinking about the whole weekend with all the ups and downs.

Making a trip to San Francisco is a must for anyone who likes parties. I saw alot of drama and bad things happen leading up to trip, but afterwards nothing seemed to bug me or cause any problems.

I know it sounds kinda lame but this trip changed my life.

It showed me that the scene is getting bigger and its not showing any signs of going away.


-Robert aka Raving Rob aka Keyshawn

. ..