Relax, Your in Sin City

(It sounds easy, but can you do it?)


Inside one of the best parties in years.

Alone in a crowd of 5,000 people.

An outsider, while ironically an insider.

Observing, Analyzing. Thinking, thinking a lot about a lot of things, thinking I am too old for this shit, over thinking everything. When I stop thinking, I realize, or maybe I just remember, what the purpose of raving is. Sure raving is about dancing, music, people, freedom and more, but what is the purpose? The answer is simple: RELAX. It sounds simple, but how often does it really happen? To let go, be free, talk to anyone you want, loosen up, stretch, stop thinking about everything else in the world and just dance. Or sit. Or do whatever your heart desires at that moment.

My camera, keys, cell phone, ID, cash and blow pop are in the zipper pocket of my camo hoodie, which is balled up at the edge of the dance floor. I'm feeling loose, warm, and inspired by others who step properly to CZR's prototypical House set. The cute brunette girl, Shannon, who I sit next to says "I know this sounds weird, but can I wear your jacket? I'm cold." Perfect, my classic gray scale hoodie camera, keys, cell phone, ID, cash and blow pop are now safe. I mean really really really safe. Shannon is not going anywhere. I help her stand up and put on my hoodie. She sits back down right away. Perfect.

Now, warm and with my possessions safe at 3:37 am, I can finally relax. All parts of my body now retain momentum. It takes no effort to move, everything is in motion, the only energy used is to stay in motion. And so I continue through the night and through my life, it takes no effort to continue in this direction.

. ..

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