Halloween Fun ... Made Easy (This also works for New Years )

Buy Physical VIP Tickets weeks in advance. Not the kind you have to print and go to the will call both to exchange for REAL tickets.

For $125 you should not have to stop by a Map Point...

You want the kind that you get from a record store...

Don't buy tickets on the street, either.

Eat a solid meal before you drive to the show. Have a balanced meal, not just Fries and McNuggets.

Park at one of the nice clean covered hotel parking structures for $20, not some crappy parking lot for $60.

This is even more important if you have a vehicle that you plan to nap in after the event, which is a good idea if you do not have a hotel.

I would rather save the $150 that would be spent on a hotel and instead have a good meal before the show and upgrade to VIP.

Wait in the short VIP line and get into the party only minutes after parking.

Go to the bar and enjoy a complimentary beverage, maybe more than one.

It is a posh way of life.



You don't always have to kick ass and dance all night.

Sometimes you can just kick it.

Go ahead, have another drink.

Nothing is as good as the original ... TICKETS !!!

They are even better than groovetickets or will call, or even guest list.

Hey Honor, WHAT UP !!!

These girls were hot.

Do you remember raveshots.com ?

DJ Steve Lawler closing out the second outdoor area in the parking lot.

Sexy Costume !!!

Random People

I have seen this girl at a lot of parties over the years, but I have never talked to her.

This is at almost 4:00 a.m.

By the time Monster Massive is over, you can usually tell how the year is going to end up being remembered.

I personally label 2009 as the "Year of Confusion"

These girls are also hot.

Especially the one on the right.

This was the funniest McDonald's EVER !!!

Well guys,

I have to say that I kinda blew it this year at Monster Massive, instead of carefully recording every detail in typical Ravers Digest fashion, I pretty much just hung out in the VIP areas and drank a lot of Monster Energy Drinks mixed with vodka. It was really fun, but it was the second shortest Monster Massive I can remember.

Monster Massive 2000 was the absolute shortest, I think that the whole party only lasted about 30 seconds.

We didn't even go inside the Sports Arena this year (until after 3:15 a.m.) since it was so nice outside.

I think that a parking lot in Southern California is actually the best possible venue.

Enjoy the rest of 2009 !!!

- Mark