Love-n-Happiness-n-F.A.M.I.L.Y (LA) - by Doug & Kenji.

Lineup: DJ Soul, Reza, Jason Blakemore, Zack Hill, Non Fiction, Kenji.
10PM-4AM. $5 Guest List Cover Charge.
Downtown penthouse loft; 2 floors + roof access.
You must be on the guest list to attend.
Subject Line: Guest List Please. List first and last name in e-mail body.
No plusses, please.

A little house on Friday Night.

The drive to LA was typical, with a few delays.

The route to the venue was perfect, thanks to our GPS.

We walked up a few flights of tiny stairs and met the door man who asked "Are you on the guest list?"

He checked our names off the list, I gave him $10 for the both of us, and that we were in.

Even now I wondered, where is this party?

There was one tiny room of music, about 20 feet by 20 feet.

Inside there were speakers, dancers, and few red light bulbs.

To the right was a bar, a doorway in front if the room exposed the DJ booth.

The first DJ playing was DJ Soul, who played a smooth, melodic set. Consistent in tempo, with reserved builds and drops, the set was groovy and hard not to dance to. The text on his t-shirt read "Real DJs play Vinyl" and I have to agree. For some reason, everything sounds better on vinyl. The tunes sound silkier, the mixes sound smoother, and there is less opportunity for digital intervention.

There is a lot of talk about the "vibe" when it comes to parties, here I felt a sense of intimacy with the DJ, the people, even the bar tender. With only 250 people total at the event, it encourages everyone to be on their best behavior. At bigger events people sometimes push or shove, but at a small venue everyone has to get along. It is awkward to be rude to people you are going to stand right next to the whole night. I have to admit I was pretty drunk by the time I saw Reza, who had already started talking to me before I realized he was there. In hindsight, that hug I gave him was a little over the top, but so what, I'm just not that cool.

Dancing, drinking, and the occasional cigarette, it's a cycle that I can repeat all night if I have to.

At two in the morning, Reza started his set with a fast latin house tune. Most of the stuff he played was on the faster side of house, and the treble was turned up for a "wake the fuck up" effect. It was cool to see Reza play at such a small party, in fact, everyone at the party earned a bit of credibility in my book just for being there. You can't just end at this party without having at least some idea of what is what. I even saw Violet, who I first me at the Masterdome. Later Reza played some 80s remixes that I guess you could call electro.

The party ended as it began. Christy and I carefully traversed the tiny steps and snuck into the bed in the back of our Volvo Station Wagon for a much needed nap.

If you are new to the party scene, I hope that you can one day enjoy a little house on a Friday Night.