Intervention at the Hardrock Hotel

Hey Sam, this is both an email to you, and my write up of the weekend at the Hardrock Hotel...

Sunday April 25 at 1:37 p.m. "Lets get this mother fucking party started!!!!" I yell, as I jump into the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego!!! Fully dressed!!! Some guy we JUST met named Cherokee said it was time to get the party started, and I said, OK, you want me to get this party started? I going to to jump in the pool right now. With all my clothes on!" "Go for it," he said. I emptied my pockets and tossed my stuff onto a beach chair. "Watch my stuff," I told Christy, who was only mildly surprised by my behavior. SPLASH !!! And for a moment everything was completely quiet. When I surfaced, I was greeted by a round of cheering and a round of drinks. Of course, I can't take credit for the awesome party that ensued, I only helped to catalyze an already combustible situation.

The Hard Rock Hotel is home to an average night club called 207, but the real attraction is the seasonal poolside day party series called "Intervention." Small swimsuits, big speakers, and friendly house cats, easily make this San Diego's best party, day or night, bar none, period.

And what qualifies me to crown the best party in San Diego? Simple, let me introduce myself to those of you who don't know, and I will tell you the same thing I told Cherokee. "I am the panty dropper, the party starter, the always proper, breakbeat vampire, number thirty seven. You Understand???"

After getting out of the pool, I was almost famous and comfortably cool, as opposed to anonymous and sticky, and it felt great. It was party time, and we started get into the music.

By the time Johnny J started his set, I was completely warmed up, yet not too hot ; )

Through some type of magical transformation, the crowd at the Hard Rock had gone from being a mob of drunken assholes on Saturday night, to a mob of drunken party people that were really cool! My explanation is that better music attracts better people, because everybody was happy, friendly, dancing together and talking to each other. I felt like I had a thousand friends here, even though I did not know anybody when we walked in the door. Actually, that is not true, I had met the bouncer that threw Donnie and Kyle out of the club last night for intoxication. When Donnie sees the pics, the big guy in the red shirt will seem familiar!

It was almost five, and my batteries were starting to wind down, but Sandra Kliendenburger came to the tables and the finish line was in sight. Only one two more hours of dancing!